Sunday, December 6, 2009

90 to nothing

i have SO much on my mind lately. its insane. i am battling, in my spirit, the urge to be negative & assume the worst. but i am overwhelmed with the Peace that passes ALL understanding. i can praise Him for His grace in my life. Jesus has literally been my sanity the past week. here are a few things swimming around in my brain, as of late.

* i sure do love Jack. more & more every minute
* i am blessed, beyond belief, with the most supportive & understanding husband
* pregnancy is a sweet blessing, but i'm ready to have my body back
* i wonder what Jovie looks like
* i wonder if i'll be able to nurse Jovie as well as i nursed Jack
* PLEASE PLEASE Lord, let me pass my 3 hour glucose tolerance test on Wednesday!!!!!
* i don't want to have diabetes & high blood pressure
* diabetes can greatly affect blood pressure. awesome.
* i wonder if i'll be able to carry Jovie to 39 weeks. i doubt it. something tells me i won't.
* i want Jovie to be healthy & spend no time in the NICU
* i'm not looking forward to the IV i'll be getting in a few weeks
* i'm really not looking forward to being so sore after my c-section
* i can't wait to have a tiny, sweet baby again!!
* PLEASE PLEASE Lord, let me pass my 3 hour glucose test on Wednesday!!!
* i can't wait for my anniversary date with my hubby on Friday
* the Lord has always taken care of me
* i have 2 more christmas presents i need to get
* i love wrapping christmas presents
* i'm craving some pasta, like nobody's business
* i hate this gestational diabetes diet i have to be on before this stupid test
* i love our christmas tree
* is absolutely hilarious
* i want to see my sisters soon, and my friend Brittany
* PLEASE PLEASE Lord, let me pass that test!!
* i can always trust His hand & His gentle voice
* i am blessed. so very undeservedly blessed.


just the two of us! said...

i want to see you too! I'm still praying for you and your test on Wednesday! you are such a great mom audrey and I'm thankful that little Jovie will be born into this world with such sweet Godly parents! As of right now, we have NO plans for the weekend.. so maybe starry nights or something fun? besides, we'll have to celebrate you passing the test on wednesday because I am confident you will! i love you!

Allyson said...

Just stopped by from Shannon's site, again! I have a Jack too.

I just had a baby 9 weeks ago and I remember being super worried about my GD test too. I failed the first one, but passed the 3 hours one.

Good luck! And the drink wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered with my other three kids. Maybe because there were about five other girls in the outpatient area at the hospital that had failed the first one too and we were all taking the 3 hours test. Peer pressure. I didn't want to be the only one spewing out the drink and gagging in front of everyone! I was determined to drink it faster than anyone else...and I did! Mind games always work to distract!

just the two of us! said...

i love our christmas blog! soon you'll have to change your name to... Raising jack and jovie! yay for sweet jovie jellybean!