Sunday, November 22, 2009

Target Giftacular!!!

raise your hand if you LOVE Target!!! ok. that should be everyone. i could seriously spend gobs of cash in there. definitely my favorite store. so when i saw this on Freebies 4 Mom, i got soo excited. its a Target 2 Day Sale Giftacular Sweeps. there are 1,570 gift card winners with 1,000 of those being $25 gift cards. um, yes please! you can play daily for 5 days, with Thanksgiving being the last day to play. there are consolation prizes being given out, in case you don't win one of the gift cards. **TIP** when you get to the play screen, click on the "No Webcam" link at the bottom left of the screen. it allows you to play the game manually. then you will pick a "gift" and unwrap it. it will then take you to a screen to enter your info (so they can keep track with how many times per day you play; your only allowed to play once) after you enter your info it will lead you to unwrap your gift.

technically, each person can only play once per day until thanksgiving. however, since me & my hubs both have separate email addresses, we each played. (ok, i played for him!!) which essentially allowed us to play a total of 2 times! i just entered his info & it worked even though we have the same address. (duh!)

i would definitely head on over there & check it out. it takes about 5 minutes & if you win a gift card its totally worth it. plus, since i told you about this, i expect you to use it to buy me something pretty. ok, i'm kidding. happy playing, hope you win!! but not before me!

if for some reason you have trouble getting to the play screen, just go to Target's website, i believe its accessible from there!!

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Emory said...

I just did this a little bit ago but I didn't think about entering Bradley also. Good thinking!