Tuesday, December 8, 2009

13 months

i am super late posting this. i had it in my mind to do it forever ago, and i keep forgetting. ooops. Jack turned 13 months back on November 25. he is growing like a weed & part of me hates it!! i just want him to stay little forever, i love this little stage he is in. he is such a sweetie pie. and i'm not just saying that b/c i'm his momma!!!

you are such a joy. i praise Jesus multiple times a day for the blessing of being your mom. i never get sick of taking care of you & i would rather be with you than anyone else (besides daddy of course!!) i love all of the new things you are learning. you are so loving & have such a silly and playful little personality. you have also shown us that you do, in fact, have a sin nature!! you have begun voicing your discontent with a simple sound: a loud grunt!! you do this when told no or when you get frustrated with a toy. needless to say, you've gotten a few little pops on your hand! but you usually respond very sweetly with a pouty lip. you are pretty sensitive to the tone of our voices. i could've never imagined how hard it is to discipline your child, but it must be done!!! we love you so much more than before we started disciplining you; and we're so grateful for your tender heart. you truly are such a blessing & i love you so much. now, please stop growing up!!

at 13 months you are quite the busy boy. here are a few things you like to do:

* play peek-a-boo. its so cute to watch you put a blanket on your head & then pop out with a big ole grin!

* "say" Praise the Lord by putting both arms in the air. its really adorable. we just say to you "Jack, praise the Lord" & you put those little arms up, smile so big & get so excited!! we love it.

* play with stuffed animals. you love them. any size, any kind. you hug them tight & give them kisses. precious.

* dance. you move back & forth anytime music comes on or we sing to you. you can really bust a move!

* bounce in your bouncy seat. you have a long time love affair with it & i'm not complaining!

* take showers & baths. i think this may be your favorite part of the day!

* open & shut doors or cabinets

* pull everything out of the fridge & drop it on the floor

* push cars & roll balls across the floor

* stand on your own, but you're still a little scared to step out on your own. but i know it won't be long!

* play with Lola

* hold on to my leg, all the time! you really don't like it when you can't see me or grab on to me or daddy.

* have anything to drink. you get that from us.

you are still a picky eater, but we are slowly trying to work through it. lately, you have been napping 2-3 hours during the day. its a nice little gift for me! we have turned your car seat around & it has made the biggest difference for you. you do so well in the car now. you absolutely LOVE your grandparents, all 4 of them. you light up when you see them & that makes us so happy. you do so well at their houses & you've even spent the night a few times as we try to prepare you for Jovie's arrival. we are so excited about you becoming a big brother & we can't wait to see how you handle little Jovie being around!

happy 13 months, my love. you are so very loved!!!!!!
love, mommy & daddy!!

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