Sunday, December 27, 2009

14 Months!!

Jack, you are 14 months old!!!!! i can't believe how time just seems to fly by faster and faster with each passing month. you are so much fun. you have truly become a little toddler & you are learning & growing so much. daddy & i have both said that we are loving this stage that you are in, it has been our favorite so far. (but we do seem to say that every month!) you have quite the silly and determined personality. we are starting to see things in you that remind us of ourselves & each other. you are a very loving & cuddly little boy. you are becoming more & more vocal every day. we are starting to figure out what your little noises & "words" mean. you are strong willed, but easily broken. you are very sensitive to daddy's voice when he tells you no, but mommy seems to have to tell you several times. you have gotten popped on your hands for the first time this month. i absolutely hate doing this. but i know it is necessary for you to learn to be obedient. you are teaching me so much and i'm loving every minute of it.

this month we've had a lot going on & we've been super busy. we've gone from celebrating thanksgiving to gearing up for christmas. christmas is my favorite time of year & we have loved experiencing it through your little eyes this year. you get so excited every morning when we turn on the tree lights. you say "ahhhhh" in a soft little whisper. and you also say this every time we see christmas lights or christmas trees. its is precious. we've gone to christmas parties, zoo lights, visited with family, done some christmas shopping, watched christmas movies, wrapped presents together, eaten christmas baked goodies, visited Santa for the first time, you rode a carousel for the first time & you got your first big boy hair cut at a kids salon. wow!!! i have tried so hard to soak in every moment with you. i want to remember everything about every season of your life. we've made precious first memories as a family & i wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. you are the joy of my life!!

here are a few things you have started doing this past month:

* you are clapping all the time. you love it!
* you still raise both arms in the air when we say "praise the Lord". its adorable
* you love to push your walk n ride toy all over our house
* you love to find a room with an open door, go in that room & shut the door. its so funny.
* you love to get into my tupperware cabinet & pull every single thing out & push it around the kitchen floor
* you have learned how to stand up without holding on to anything.
**** you have taken several steps on your own!!!! you will only take about 4 or 5 steps at a time, but you are learning & becoming more & more brave with each new day. we absolutely LOVE to watch you walk. its so sweet. we know it won't be long before you are off & running all over our house & we're so excited for you.
* you are still a picky little eater & i'm pulling my hair out, sometimes, trying to find new things for you to eat. you do like breaded fish fillets, chicken nuggets, apples, cereal bars, cereal, peanut butter, any type of cracker, anything sweet like cookies, pizza crust, breaded ravioli & occasionally spaghetti. you are very particular about textured things so i'm having a hard time getting you to try things. but i'm learning to be patient. you do love milk & carrot apple juice. you also drink V8 fusion when i water it down.
* one thing we have noticed about you is that you LOVE to have something to drink, ALL the time. its insane. you constantly want a cup of milk or juice. you would much rather have that than something to eat. its so funny. pretty much any time we go somewhere we have to bring 2 or 3 sippie cups filled with something to drink for you!!! needless to say, you wet a lot of diapers!!!
* you love to take showers. you have so much fun crawling around & feeling the water beat down on you. you usually hop in with dad every morning, which really helps mommy out!
* you go to bed around 8 or 8:30 pm and you sleep until about 7:45 or 8 am every morning.
* you take one 2 hour nap every day
* you are in a size 3 diaper during the day & a size 4 nighttime diaper for bedtime
* you wear 12 month clothing but you can still fit into some 9 month stuff.
* you weigh around 21 pounds

what a blessed month we've had with you. it has just been the most fun i've ever had. we are just 5 weeks away from meeting your little sister!!! Jovie is going to change our family life so much, but in a really wonderful way. you are going to be a fantastic big brother to her. we can't wait to have 2 precious babies to love on. i want you to know that even though Jovie is about to be here, you are still my baby & i will make time for you. i'm so excited about splitting my time between my 2 sweet children.

you are a wonderful blessing. each day is an adventure with you. being your mom is my greatest joy & i love everything i'm learning from you. happy 14 months sweet boy. i love you more than you know!!

love, mommy

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