Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day @ the Weavers

i love the fact that we basically get to celebrate Christmas 3 times. once with just us, once with ben's family & once with my family. how great is that?! we've had so much fun this year!

after we rested up & packed up at home, we hit the road & headed to my parents house. when we got there we just visited with everyone as we waited for my sisters and their husbands to arrive. there were plenty of yummy snacks to keep us munching. we watched Christmas Vacation and then around 6:30 pm we dove into our yummy dinner. my dad grilled some ribs, we had 7 layer salad, sweet potatoes, mac n cheese & rolls. it was delish. my dad is a pro when it comes to grilling, frying or smoking meat. there is no one better. even Jack enjoyed a little bit of our yummy Christmas dinner. we also had plenty of yummy desserts to choose from. but then again, we always do. i don't think i've ever been to my mom's when there isn't something yummy to snack on. that's what happens when 5 boys and my grandmother live at home!!!

after supper we gathered in the living room to open gifts. my parents, my sisters & my brothers had all already exchanged gifts that morning. so ben & i just passed out our gifts to everyone & they passed out their gifts to us. there was plenty to go around!

Jack was, of course, spoiled by everyone. he got a choo-choo train, stuffed animal, clothes, socks, toys & bath toys. Jovie got a blanket, some socks, some clothes, a bottle brush, portable formula carrier & the sweetest monogrammed gown for the hospital. i'm in love with it. i can't wait to do a post about everything i've gathered for Jovie to have at the hospital! so fun! Ben & I got a bunch of stuff too. i got some scarves, a purse, a photo album & some jewelry. Ben got a sweater, some gift cards & some dress socks. We also got some gift cards for a date night. gotta love that!

after the presents we sat & visited & just enjoyed some family time. there is always so many of us when we get together. i love it. i'm so blessed to have such a large & fun family that loves us so much. time with them is never boring! i'm so glad that Jack & Jovie will grow up around such a large group of people that love them so much.

Christmas this year was my favorite ever. i love that Jack was excited about the lights & sounds. i love that he got excited about toys & wrapping paper. i love that he was into everything. but what i loved the most was that Ben & I got to spend our holiday season with our little boy. next year is going to be even better b/c we will have 2 precious kids to celebrate with!

Thank you Lord for giving us the birth of Jesus to bring us hope, eternal life & a wonderful time of year to celebrate with the ones we love. Merry Christmas everyone!

my mom's beautiful tree & some of the gifts!

Jack can't go to Lolli & Poppa's without tearing into the cabinets!

Jack loved that chocolate covered peanut butter ball!!!

Jack is usually scared of his Uncle Kuby, but lately he's been warming up to him!

our delish supper! i wish everyone could taste the yummy goodness we had that night!

can someone help me unwrap this?

of all the gifts he got that night, he wanted the bubble wrap. typical!

Jack got into Lolli's spice cabinet & Uncle Kenny was happy to help him!

my 2 fabulous sisters. i'm so thankful that we are so close.

me & my sweet boy.

Jack loves his dada so much. they are so cute together.

our happy little family of 3. Jovie will be the perfect fit to our bunch!

me and my love. i'm so thankful for another Christmas together. it only gets sweeter.

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