Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

i think i love this day just as much as Christmas Day. maybe its all the anticipation that you feel as you look forward to Christmas morning. it just feels so magical & its always such a sweet day with family. i love it.

we woke up Christmas Eve morning & spent some time at home as a family. it was so nice. we stayed in our pj's & watched Christmas movies. then i had to make a quick Kroger run while my boys took naps. when i got home we ate some lunch & began to pack up our things for our night with Ben's family. i was sad that we didn't get to see my parents on Christmas Eve but they had some last minute errands to run & other stuff to get done & by the time we would be able to get over there, it would be time to leave for the Williams house. but we had a blast with them Christmas night.

Christmas Eve festivities began at the Williams house around 4 pm. Jack played for a little bit before taking a quick nap & me, Jenna & Frances began preparing our Christmas Eve feast. when Jack got up from his nap, we loaded up the car & headed to church for the Christmas Eve service. it was a sweet time of singing Christmas carols & hearing Pastor Jim read the Christmas story from Luke. then we loaded back up in the car (in the rain, ugghh) and made our annual Christmas cookie run. this is a tradition that ben's family has been doing for years & years. we take tins of cookies from Ricki's cookies (and they are SOOO good) to some of the Williams family & friends. after the cookie run we headed home to finish up preparing supper, eat & relax.

we arrived home around 8 pm. Jack played the piano, his very favorite thing to do at Mamie's house, and played with toys. we finished up the food & sat down for an intimate sweet Christmas Eve dinner. we had beef tenderloin with gorgonzola sauce, mashed potatoes, homemade mac n cheese, rolls, creamed spinach & sweet n sour green beans. its ridiculous how delicious this meal is, we look forward to it every year. Jack stayed up with us for a few minutes but then it was his bed time! after dinner, my father-in-law, or Granddaddy, lead us in a little bible study about the Christmas story. we talked about Mary & Joseph & what the bible teaches us about their obedience to the Lord in the birth of Jesus. i love studying God's word with my family, it so precious.

after dinner, we sat around the tv & watched Christmas Vacation. how can you not love that movie?! it is hilarious. after the movie we all headed to bed, we were wiped out! we had such a blessed Christmas Eve. i love holidays with Ben & Jack so much. what a blessing to have such a sweet family. i can not wait for next year. Jovie will be here, Jack will be 2 & we are starting some new traditions. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!!

isn't the tree beautiful? i love to look at it with all the lights off!

our stockings were hung by the chimney with care, so excited that next year Jovie's will be there!

i love his little stocking. so sweet!

Jack just loves to play the piano. and uncle tripp is always nice enough to help him out!

the table all set up for Christmas Eve dinner!

our yummy dinner. man, i wish i had some of that right now!

Merry Christmas!

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