Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day @ the Williams

Christmas morning was so much fun. we slept until 8 am & then we went downstairs for a yummy breakfast. we had homemade grits, sausage, eggs, biscuits & fruit. we sat around drinking coffee & then we played our annual Christmas game for a cash prize of $100! Tripp was the lucky winner this year.

after our game we gathered in the living room to begin opening presents. we watched Jack go first. he got a step 2 car from Mamie & Granddad. they also gave him a Winnie the Pooh walk-n-ride toy to keep at their house & some clothes. Santa brought Jack a huge blue exercise ball, a leapfrog toy & a singing rolling turtle. Ben & I gave Jack some clothes, a bouncy ball, a stuffed animal, a sports center basketball game & a busy ball popper. needless to say, he got way more than he needed! he had just as much fun playing with the boxes & wrapping paper as he did his new toys.

We all received so many great gifts. Ben's parents gave us 3 presents each & some money. i must say, it never gets old opening a present!! even though material things are not important, its still fun to unwrap a gift, tear open the box & see what's inside! i also enjoy watching other people open their gifts. i love seeing the smiles on their faces. after presents we tore into our stockings & then we played with Jack & all his new toys.

we left the Williams' house around 11 am to head home, rest & gather up everything for my parent's house. we had such a wonderful time with ben's family. we are truly blessed each time we are with them. the most fun part of our day was watching Jack get excited about the Christmas tree & his blue car!! what a great morning!

Mamie & Jenna fixing up some yummy breakfast!

the Christmas tree with just a few of the presents on Christmas morning!

Jack's step 2 car. how cute is that?!

he had so much fun riding (being pushed) around the house! we've brought it home & all he wants to do is push it everywhere!

Jack's new exercise ball from Santa. i don't think he'll be using it for any work outs but he sure does love a large ball to play with!

his new leapfrog toy from Santa

and his new singing rolling turtle. he loves to push the buttons & watch him light up!

Aunt Jenna helping Jack open a few presents.

he also had to push his new Pooh toy around the house. so cute.

and of course, what is Christmas morning if you can't play the piano with dada?! i think he still preferred this over his toys!! too bad we can't afford a real piano. oh well, ben & i aren't that upset about that!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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