Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Jack

Merry Christmas Sweetheart. i just wanted to write you a little note and tell you what we've been up to this holiday season & how much i'm enjoying being your mommy at Christmas time.

Your 2nd Christmas is only 4 days away & we are so excited to experience everything with you this year. You are so busy & into everything right now. you absolutely LOVE when we turn on the Christmas Tree lights every morning. your little face just lights up & you say "aaaahhhh" in a soft whisper. it is just the sweetest thing. so far, we have been lucky & you haven't really made an attempt at pulling ornaments off the tree or opening presents. you are content to just sit & stare at the lights & colors.

you have been to see Santa & you did so well. you didn't throw a fit or even cry, you just sat & studied him. we ended up getting a cute picture, it was a fun day. you love to see Christmas lights as we are driving around & you have recently discovered snow globes. Poppa & Lolli have a snow globe with Santa & a train inside it. you sat for about 30 minutes the other night & just stared at it, watching the snow fall & listening as it played "Let it Snow". Poppa would shake it for you & wind it up as you squealed in delight. it was precious to watch you snuggle with Poppa & enjoy a little Christmas. the other night you tried your first Santa sugar cookie (1/2 of one) and of course, you LOVED it! you got red sprinkles everywhere but it was so cute i didn't even mind cleaning up the mess.

we had a great time snapping Christmas pictures downtown & we even got 3 really good ones to send out on our Christmas card. you were definitely the cutest part of our card. we have plans to go see Starry Nights, which i think you will love. I have loved having you with us as we have done some Christmas shopping. you have been so good & you just love to look at all the decorations in the stores. we listen to Christmas music in the car & you dance in your car seat. its adorable.

Christmas is our last holiday (besides New Year's) as a family of 3. its a bittersweet time for me. i am sad to think that my time, with just you, is coming to a close. i don't want you to grow up too fast & i want to be sure that i still have plenty of time for you. i've enjoyed giving you all of my attention in the last 14 months. BUT, i am also so so excited about Jovie getting here soon. i can't wait to watch you with her. i know she is going to just love you so much. you are going to be such a good big brother. you are already so loving & sweet, & i know you will be so great with her. i can't wait to be a mommy of 2 precious babies. what a blessing!!

Christmas is my favorite time of year & having you around makes it so much more fun. You are such a joy & i love everything about being your mommy. As you & Jovie grow up, we want you to know & love the true reason we celebrate Christmas. The birth of Jesus is central to our faith & He came to give us hope & to die for our sins so that we could spend eternity with Him. We want you to love Christmas & all that comes with it, but we will never sacrifice the truth of Jesus for a few presents or Santa Claus. I can't wait to watch your excitement for Christmas grow as you get older!!

I love you sweet boy, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! i hope you enjoy every second of the magic of this holiday and all the memories we are making as a family.

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