Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Tree Cookies

in case you didn't know: i LOVE christmas! i love everything about it: the lights, colors, sounds, sights, decorations, music & especially the food!! its just so much fun. i do Praise the Lord that my parents taught me the true meaning of this season: Jesus Christ. He just makes Christmas so special & because of Him, we can truly celebrate.

one blog that i really love to read is Thrifty Decor Chick. ( its so cute & she always has great ideas for inexpensively decorating your home. she recently did a post about some party food. i just love the christmas tree cookies she made, so i took the recipe for myself!! i've made them for 2 different christmas parties & everyone loved them.

they are super easy, really cute & super cheap to make. and only 3 ingredients!! the finished product picture i took off of the Thrifty Decor Chick's website. my final picture just didn't turn out well at all. anyways, here's the recipe.


2 boxes Pillsbury christmas tree cookies
1 tub icing (i use a whipped icing)

bake the cookies according to the box. allow them to cool.

spread icing on a cookie & place another cookie on top. squish them together, just a little bit, so that the icing oozes out the sides!! then pour the sprinkles on a plate & roll the cookie in them so that the icing is covered. and voila, a super cute christmas cookie!! the recipe also gives the option of placing a red hot a the top of the tree. i skipped this step b/c my hubby doesn't like red hots.

aren't they so cute? i love them! and the best part about this recipe is that as the seasons change & different holidays roll around you can adapt! you could do the heart cookies with strawberry icing & red sprinkles!! so fun!!

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