Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love

today is December 14. it is my sweet husband's birthday. i just wanted to take a second to thank the Lord for Ben Williams. He is the love of my life & a wonderful spouse. the Lord could not have blessed me with a better man. ben is such a rock. he loves Jesus first. he loves me second & he loves jack third. i am so confident in his walk with Christ & his prayer life. he is always seeking to serve & minister to others. he has a generous heart & loving spirit. he is funny & silly & everyone always has a good time when they are with him.

ben is always seeking out the best for me & our family. he is genuinely concerned for me in every way. he is sensitive to my needs & always there to listen & encourage me. he has been so patient & understanding during both of my pregnancies. bless him! he is the most wonderful father to jack & i know he will be the perfect dad for our jovie. i love to watch him love on jack & take time out of his busy schedule to play with our son & make him feel loved & important.

i could go on & on & on about my husband. i love him so much. everyone does. he is the sweetest man & my favorite person in the world.

i love you babe & i'm so honored to be your wife. i am crazy about our life together & so excited about the years to come. i thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with you. i hope this birthday is wonderful for you. thank you for loving Jesus & our family with so much conviction.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAN!!! (yes, i know i spelled bean. i've always called him that)

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