Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hanging in there

another hospital day. another day away from Jack. another day closer to meeting Jovie. another day closer to going home. i can make it. i think.

today was about the same as every other day. i slept, halfway decently, through the night. at 6:15 i was woken up for a blood draw. this is truly the highlight of my day. i couldn't get back to sleep & i was feeling so yucky (i smell like hospital) so i took a long hot shower. it was great. ben left for school around 7:40 & i decided to stay awake since i knew the doctor would be in shortly to see me. i dozed off & Dr Chappell woke up me up around 9:30.

he told me that Dr Williams would not be able to do my c-section Monday morning. so, she scheduled me for a c-section on Monday at 6 p.m. with Dr Tonkin. i was disappointed to hear that Dr Williams wouldn't be able to do the surgery & disappointed that the surgery isn't until 6 pm that day, but what can you do?! at least the surgery is on Monday & not Tuesday. i can be thankful for that. the surgery will take an hour or a little longer. then i will be monitored in an intensive care room for 1 hour & then i'll be moved to a room on the Labor & Delivery floor so that i can have Magnesium. Dr Chappell mentioned that he wasn't sure how long i would have to be on the medicine. he said it was up to Dr Tonkin, i guess its based on my blood pressure or how i do during surgery. so, i'm praying, hard, that its only going to be for 12 hours. but, Dr Williams is stopping by in the morning to see me, so i'll be asking her more about it then. PLEASE PLEASE pray with me that the magnesium won't last any longer than 12 hours. i'm not sure if anyone will even be able to see me or Jovie on Monday after she is born. it will be at least 9 pm before we are ready for visitors & by that time, it will probably just be too late. Jack will meet her Tuesday morning. Jovie did great on her ultrasound. yay!

Nanny came by to visit me today & she brought me a gift, some super nice hand cream. she said she wanted me to have something nice for myself since she figured everyone else would be buying stuff for Jovie. so sweet. i was glad to see her. Jessica & Colton (who is super cute!) also came by to see me this morning. she brought Jovie the cutest little dress, i can't wait for her to wear it. it was so good to visit with Jess, such a sweet friend. she is having baby #3 in June & she finds out what she is having on Monday morning. so it will be a fun day for her too!!!

the best part of the day was when little Jack came to visit us. he is so cute. we had so much fun eating lunch together, playing ball & pushing every button on my bed! i cried when he left, it never gets easier. but i know he's in good hands & i know there's just a few more days until we are all back home together. i can't wait.

thanks for praying for us. we love you. here are a few prayer requests.

* Jovie's health & delivery

* Jack

* my emotions & health as i get ready to meet my sweet girl on Monday

* Ben

* that i'll only have to be on Magnesium for 12 hours or less & that i'll handle it ok

p.s. Happy Birthday to my sweet father-in-law. we all love you so much, especially little Jack!

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Paige Tillman said...

I will be thinking about you guys and am about to say a prayer for you and your request. I know this is HUGE for your family. "Hang in there"! :)