Friday, January 22, 2010

We Got Robbed, Literally

thats right. we got robbed. our home was invaded & our stuff was stolen. sometime between Wednesday night & Thursday night. Ben left the hospital today around 3:45 to head home, wash clothes, exercise & get some stuff together. i got a call at about 4:45 from him. he said "now when i tell you this, i want you to remain as calm as possible. but we got robbed" of course i start saying things like "what?!!" "are you kidding me?" "how?" "what did they take?" and "who would do this?!" and then i began sobbing. it was just so overwhelming.

turns out, they kicked in our front door. then they stole the tv, wii, & playstation from our living room & the tv & dvd player from our bedroom. we think that they also got our camera. b/c of a few certain things, we do know that it was someone who knew we weren't at home b/c we were here. which is infinitely frustrating. what kind of person steals from you like that? i know the stuff is just stuff. we live without it and be just fine. but its the invasion of my home & loss of peace of mind that is terrible. the fact that someone was walking through my house, going through my stuff & taking from me is terrifying. the fact that i must return there next week with 2 small children is terrifying. the thought of ever being home alone, again, is terrifying. our church is so sweet. they are paying to have new security doors installed & an alarm system. and i am thankful for that. trust me. but it doesn't make me feel safer, yet.

besides feeling vulnerable & scared, i am angry. angry that someone would do what they did. angry that they will probably get away with it. angry that now i feel scared in my own home. ridiculous. and of course, this had to happen while i'm on bed rest at the hospital, with Preeclampsia, away from my son & waiting to have my baby.

thank goodness my hubby has a few quirks. he keeps boxes of the things that we buy. he still has the playstation box, wii box & a couple of the others. on those boxes are the serial numbers. the cops now have them. so whenever the idiot that broke into our house tries to resell or pawn our stuff then the serial number will pop up & they should get busted. hopefully. i am now so glad that Ben kept those boxes, all this time i thought they were just a waste of space!

other than finding out we were robbed, it has been a regular hospital day. Dr Williams came to visit this morning. she apologized for the 6 pm surgery time & said she would try to get it moved up for us. she hated that we have to sit here all day & wait. so sweet of her. so, we're on a waiting list, should anyone deliver early or there is another opening. i really hope this happens. but at least i know that its still on Monday, no matter what. Jovie's ultrasound went great. she is still doing so well. i was able to see her sweet face, a little bit, on 4d ultrasound. it was so cute. she is precious & i can't wait to meet her. my mom's sweet friend, Lois, came to visit this morning. she is too funny & can definitely cheer anyone up! we had a good visit together.

and of course, we loved getting to see Jack today. we love that he gets excited & reaches for us when he comes in our room. it makes my day. he had a great time, trying to touch everything & crawling all over the floor. i love to watch him play. i'm so ready to be home with him. (well i'm ready to be with him again, but i don't know about being at home. it just feels weird to go back there right now knowing we've been robbed.)

we're looking forward to the weekend only b/c we know it brings Monday. please keep praying for us. being robbed has only added to our stress level. we know the Lord is in control & His hand is in all things. we can trust Him to deal with the person or persons who robbed us. and we can trust Him to restore our feeling of security in our own home.

here are a few prayer requests:

* Jovie's health & delivery
* Jack
* Ben. i hate that in the middle of being away from Jack & watching me go through this that now he has the stress of dealing with our home being robbed.
* my health & emotions. i am feeling tired, weary, sad, frustrated, excited, angry, scared & anxious.
* that i'll only be on the magnesium for 12 hours
* our parents as they care for our sweet little boy.

we love you & we'll try to keep you updated as much as possible.


Audra Laney said...

Audrey--I am just speechless. Just speechless. I am so angry at these people! And I'm so sorry for you & Ben. I can't imagine how scared you would feel to go back there. I mean I'm just...speechless. You will get an extra dose of prayers tonight as you guys clearly deserve it. I can't wait to see your post announcing Jovie's grand arrival. That's the light at the end of this tunnel.

Ashley Fisher :) said...


oh my goodness!!! I'm so sorry! That is terrible; do yall have any kind of insurance or anything? I hate it that people can do things like this these days!! I am praying fir you,

Love u

Ben and Audrey said...

thanks girls. i know you really are praying for us & that helps me so much. this is unbelievably difficult. but i know the Lord is moving in our lives & sometimes that means hard things to deal with. but we are trusting Him & trying so hard to be patient.

i do want to find this person & ring their neck. it is infuriating to me that someone would do something like that. how selfish. but i guess i shouldn't be surprised by the sinfulness of humanity. we are fallen.

it is just stuff. eventually, it will be replaced. but the peace of mind is hard to grasp. it is now saturday morning, early, as i type this. i woke up about 30 minutes ago from a night mare. which are not uncommon for me. but i dreamed that someone broke into our house & tried to take Jack. now, that is the kind of thing that i just can not handle. i really got upset but i'm doing better now. please pray that the Lord will protect my mind from such things. its no fun.

as far as the insurance goes. we technically don't own or even rent our house. it belongs to the church. they do have insurance on it but i'm not sure if it covers our stuff. it might just be the actual property. so, we weren't able to have renters insurance. but, the church is going to try to find a loop hole or some other way to work things out. our stuff will get replaced. ben's parents are helping with that some. they are precious to want to help us.

please just continue to pray for us. these days are so long for us, but it will get better. i hope!

i love ya'll & really appreciate your friendship!!!

Jessica Kenney said...

I don't know what to say! We are praying for you and will continue to do so! God is right there with you! Love you friend!

Shannon said...

I saw that Ben posted being robbed on facebook and prayed that he was joking. (Don't know why he would joke about that though) So terrible! I am still praying for you guys. Monday come quick!

Katie said...

Oh my, oh my! I am so sorry Audrey! Like you don't have enough to worry about! If you need anything, please let me know! We will for sure be praying for you!! Love you!!

Rachel said...

I already told you this on fb, but we've been robbed too. We were out of town for 2 weeks (me in Memphis and Tony in China) and it happened smack in the middle of those weeks. So our friends had to deal with the cops and the cleaning up, etc. To top if off, the lock had nothing to do with it--the thieves literally lifted it off the hinges, no problem. I was afraid that I'd feel scared being there again, but God just sent such a peace and I NEVER, not once, worried about it again. I didn't even feel really violated. I felt everything kind of distantly, which was God-sent, I'm sure. Praying this for you!

Alexander Landrum said...
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Alexander Landrum said...

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