Sunday, January 17, 2010

i'm not going anywhere

so. i'm still here. day 3 in the hospital, day 3 away from Jack. Dr Chappell came in today & said that since i'm still having consistent headaches, he's going to keep me in the hospital b/c he's afraid that my mild Preeclampsia could become severe Preeclampsia very quickly. so far, my blood pressure is ok. he hasn't ordered another 24 hour urine test, but i wish he would so that we would know if my protein levels have increased. he said the plan is for me to be in the hospital as long as i'm having headaches.

Dr Williams will be back in the office tomorrow, but she will be seeing patients at Methodist Germantown. so, i'll be seeing whichever doctor is here from her group. i'm praying that she will find out what is going on so that she can start making all the calls. otherwise, i won't be hearing from her until Tuesday, when she sees patients & makes rounds at this hospital. i'm hoping at that point that she will order another 24 hour urine test so that we can see if my protein levels have gone up.

i had another ultrasound this morning. Jovie scored another perfect 8. Praise the Lord for that. they don't seem to be worried about her at this point. but they are continuing to put me on a fetal monitor every few hours to listen to her heartbeat.

i honestly want what is best for Jovie. i want her to be healthy & strong. but i do not want to sit in this hospital for another full week before she is born, especially if she is healthy & at a good weight right now. i'm ready to meet her, ready to feel better & ready to be back at home with Jack. i can't imagine spending the next 7 or 8 days here away from him. i do get to see him once a day for a couple hours, but its just not enough for me. i hate sitting in this hospital bed, watching tv, knowing that he is somewhere else playing, growing & being so cute!! i really miss him. i almost wish that my BP would creep up a little bit so that they would order another urine test or deliver Jovie. please don't think i'm crazy for wanting that. i don't wish to be sick or for Jovie to be unhealthy, i just wish for this to not be a long drawn out process. i feel like we're just sitting, waiting for me to get worse. and that is a hard reality.

please continue to pray for us. please pray that my doctor (Dr Williams) finds out today or tomorrow what is going on with me. please pray that this doesn't become a waiting game for the next 8 days. please pray that Jovie is delivered before full blown Preeclampsia shows up so that i don't have to be on magnesium. please pray that Jovie is born healthy. please pray that i am patient and strong as i sit in this bed, waiting on something to happen either way. please pray that ben has a peace. please pray that Jack will continue to do well in another environment besides home & on a different schedule. please pray for my emotions as i spend so much time away from my sweet boy & so much time praying that Jovie comes out alright.

Thank you Lord, for loving us and meeting our needs. help us to continue to trust you. Please give wisdom to the doctors & help us to honor you during this time. we believe that you are the great physician!!

thanks for your prayers & concern.

p.s. hospital food is funny.


Audra Laney said...

Oh Audrey, you are definitely in my prayers and thoughts. I can't imagine how tough it must be to be away from jack.keep us updated!

Shannon said...

Praying for you Audrey! Keep us updated.

travisandblair said...

Auds, I am so sorry that you are going through this again! If everything is okay...except the headaches...and you can't see your doctor until Tuesday...they just tell them that you had rather be on bedrest at home. OR, make them give you a urine test. There is no point in you sitting there at the hospital waiting for nothing. That is what I did. And go back on Tuesday to see your doctor. It might only be two days away...but I know how LONG two days can seem while waiting it out in the hospital. Just some thoughts...I love you and am praying for you. It is a trying time...these last few days of pregnancy. Hang in there. If JOvie is doing well...then praise God! I love you cousin!

Anonymous said...

audrey I feel your pain, not because I was sick but because my dear Jack was sick and in the hospital for 7 days and nights after he was born. I stayed every night at the hospital with him while my poor Lucy, who was only one, had to stay at my sisters and come visit during the day. It was the first time I wasn't the one feeding her three times a day and putting her to bed. And although she did beautifully I still felt so torn and guilty. I do not underestimate how tough this is for you. God Jesus (that's what Lucy calls Him) be with you!!!!!
Nicole Standley