Sunday, January 10, 2010


this has been the word of the week for me. i have been going crazy trying to get our house ready for a new baby. its funny how much i had forgotten what all we needed to have done for a newborn. i've adjusted to life with a 1 year old by now, so i had to alter my thinking a little bit. but thats ok, i was actually excited to organize & clean things up for Jovie girl. Ben has been SO wonderful in helping me out with everything. we have gotten so much done this week & we both feel really good about the hard work & time we've put into making our house more toddler/newborn friendly! its funny how life changes, you gotta roll with the punches. we have come to realize that we are "that" family. we have (almost) 2 kids, a dog, a budget and a house taken over by toys & diapers!! but we are loving every single second of it. we are learning to get used to toys all over the floor & tupperware strewn about our house!

here are a few things we have done to prepare for Jovie & to declutter (is that a word?!) our home:

* we completely rearranged our living room. we have switched out the couches & pushed them back up against the wall. we have moved the tv back into the corner to give us more floor space. & we have moved the coffee table completely out of the room so that Jack can have all the floor space to play. we've moved the end tables & placed Jovie's swing in the corner, safely tucked away from all the action!

* we have moved the pack n play & cleaned it out. we have stocked it with newborn diapers & wipes & laid out a blanket & wedge for Jovie to use. this will become her bed in the living room, safe from Jack & Lola!

* we went to target yesterday & bought a TON of stuff to help us get organized. we bought a huge nice toy hamper to hold Jack & Jovie's toys & a basket for the living room to hold diapers & wipes. we bought a basket & a rolling rubbermaid 3 drawer bin to hold our many dvds. we have now tucked those away in a closet. we bought 5 rubbermaid 20 gallon bins to load up a bunch of clothes & junk to put up in the attic. we got a long rubbermaid bin to hold shoes for under the bed & we even bought some space bags for seasonal clothing.

* we purchased a new desk for ben to put in the kitchen. he has to move out of the office b/c Jack will using that as his big boy room in a few months. so ben set up the desk & cleaned out all of his stuff from the guest room. he now has a little corner in the kitchen that is just for him to use as office space.

* we cleaned, dusted & vacuumed the living room. i even cleaned the curtains.

* i went through Jack's toys & clothes & some of our stuff to make a pile for goodwill.

* Jack & Jovie's room is cleaned out & the closet & dresser are organized, waiting for Jovie. they will be sharing closet & dresser space for the first few months. just until we move Jack into his new room.

* i've cleaned Jovie's car seat & packed her diaper bag for the hospital. i've even washed all her clothes & put them away.

* i used some baskets to hold our bed sheets & linens for our big hall closet. it looks so much more organized. thank goodness!

we have been so busy trying to nest our little home, so that it is completely toddler & baby friendly. we love how everything has turned out & we feel so good about all of our hard work. we still have a couple closets to clean out & the laundry room needs to be reorganized BUT we are ready for a new baby. spring cleaning has hit our house a little early this year, but we are thrilled about it!

we can't wait to bring little Jovie home from the hospital & settle into life as a family of four!!


Jessica Kenney said...

So exciting! I have done NOTHING for this baby! Its crazy when I sit and think that in 5 months I am having a baby and should probably start doing stuff. I guess it will be easier when we know who is in there!

So glad you got to get everything ready. My favorite part is washing all those newborn clothes and packing the baby's bag for the hospital!!!!

Yay for Jovie!!!

Phoebs said...

I am very excited for you and Ben...Bringing another beautiful child into your family...Oh what joy....Cherish every moment whether it be big or small...because they grow up so fast....You made me tired just reading about what all you did...but I am glad for you and I know that Jovie will be happy too..She is a very lucky girl...