Thursday, March 25, 2010

Acid Reflux. i hate you.

so Jovie went to the doctor today for her 2 month check up. i will do her 2 month post with stats on another day. this post is about the devil of an issue that my girl is dealing with.

a couple of weeks ago, Jovie Claire was diagnosed with acid reflux & given Zantac to help block the acidity & reduce the amount of spitting up. she was also given Levsin drops to help with her terrible gas/tummy cramps. the Levsin drops are amazing & really seem to be helping her. the Zantac, however, hasn't done much. it reduced the number of times she is spitting up, somewhat, but not the volume of spit up that comes with each vomit session. its insane. so today we told Dr Bubba all about our rough few weeks & how she has been dealing with all of this junk. he switched her medicine to Prevacid. we also discovered that she hasn't been gaining weight very well. (she weighed 7 lbs 13 oz today) and its b/c of all the spitting up. so, we have to go back in 2 weeks. if the medicine isn't helping & she isn't gaining weight very well then she has to see a G.I. specialist.

Ben's cousin told us about a gripe water that she used for her kids when they dealt with reflux & colic. its an organic, all natural gripe water. its made by Baby Bliss. i found it today at Walgreens. has anyone ever used gripe water? did it work? we are trying it. so, we'll see. we also switched her to Enfamil AR formula. she only gets 1 bottle a day, if that. some days she doesn't even get one. she is breastfed. but we thought we would try the formula to see if it helps at all. she spit up a lot of it today. but today was the first time she had it. so maybe it takes time to start working. who knows.

we picked up the Prevacid today. it cost $180 for 30 pills! and our insurance only covered $15. so we paid $165. we were in shock. Dr Bubba gave us 5 refills of this b/c she needs to be on it for awhile. but we can not afford to refill this 5 more times. so, i'm a little worried. i called the insurance company & they said they only covered $15 b/c it wasn't considered a "preferred medicine". um, yes it is preferred. i prefer to use it b/c it should help her. what the heck?! so we're gonna talk to Dr Bubba about it & see if there is something else we can do. when is money gonna start growing on trees?!!

i'm not gonna worry about it. i know the Lord will provide. i just want this medicine to help Jovie. i need her to feel better. first, for her sake. and then for mine. she's had a really rough time & is really in pain. she also had to get her shots today & she was just inconsolable. she didn't take them very well at all. thank goodness Ben was in the room with her when she got them. i had to leave & go to the waiting room. i can't stand to watch my children get shots. i'm a sissy, but i don't care.

well. i'm off to relax in bed before i wake Jovie to eat. please pray with us that this medicine will help Jovie. or that if it doesn't that the G.I. specialist will be able to help her. i am weary but hopeful. thank you for your prayers & advice. i appreciate you so much!


Audra Laney said...

Oh girl. I wish so much that I had some helpful advice for you. $165 is outrageous!!! Is there not a generic form???

I'll pray a special prayer for you guys tonight. Hang in there. You're such an awesome mom.

lujacal said...

ok i know the chiropracter thing sounds hoaky but let me just tell you about my friend. her baby had terrible problems with digestion and threw up and cried ALOT. she barely got a moments rest trying to console her. so she went to the chiropracter which my mom suggested because mom used to take me for ear infections, which worked miracles and spared me from tubes. The chiropracter told her to come in weekly and in no time she was off the zantac and feeling much better and she's never had to get back on anything. The thing with homeopathic remedies like these is that there are no risks, unlike prescription meds. I think you should definately try the gripe water and the chiro and if it doesn't work no harm done because your baby won't be hurt or have to go through a bad experiance. You don't have to have any guilt in trying these things. I hope this didn't sound bossy I just feel us moms should share our secrets.

travisandblair said...

The gripe water worked great for Luke. I have even used it for me when I have been feeling tummy upset. It is kinda like the mylicon drops...but natural. I am so sorry that you guys are having to go through all this. Did you ever try those digestive pills...the milk ones i had told you about? I was just wondering if they had done any good? I am praying for you girlie!