Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i'm still alive. barely.

i have been on a major blogging hiatus. and it has not been on purpose. i literally have no time in the day to sit down, by myself, & type up a post. i do check my facebook daily but i'm always holding one of my children as i'm doing so. but i will return to blogging soon. i have so much to post about!

i've had a really rough week. my sweet Jovie Claire is just miserable. her acid reflux is terrible & the medicine she is on just isn't helping her very much. she also has TERRIBLE gas. i mean her stomach cramps up so bad, she turns bright red & those sweet little legs just draw up. i absolutely HATE seeing her so unhappy. she eats & seems satisfied for about 30 minutes & then she is fussy. thank goodness she goes to see Dr Bubba for her 2 month check up tomorrow. i have a slew of questions for that man. he won't know what hit him!

so. i've spent my week chasing my boy & holding my girl, endlessly. i must admit, i'm completely worn out and at times i get so frustrated. not with her but at the fact that i can't help her or figure out how to make her pain stop. a warm bath is her favorite & so we do that daily. it seems to help her soothe a little bit. but in the midst of my weariness the Lord so gently reminds me of what a blessing it is to be her mother. right now, i am the only one who can soothe her. it takes all my energy some days b/c i'm still so busy with Jack but i know i am so blessed to have her. she is learning to coo & smile. so those sweet moments make all the fussiness not as hard.

please pray for us and for Jovie Claire. i'm so ready for her to feel better. seeing your newborn in pain is so hard to watch. Ben & I are so ready to see Dr Bubba tomorrow. being a parent is hard work sometimes, but SO totally worth it. i wouldn't trade my beautiful girl for anything in the world.

speaking of being a parent: CONGRATS TO BRITTANY!! she is preggo & due in early November. i could not be more excited for her! we're going to have so much fun raising our kids together! LOVE YOU, BRITT!


Kacie said...

I'm so sorry for what you're going through...and for what Jovie is going through! Caroline had really bad gas, too. Her pedi put her on Levsin and it helped some. :( I hope your doctor can find something to help her.

Shannon said...

I know how that is seeing your baby hurting and/or sick. Praying for you guys!

lujacal said...

glad to see you're still alive both in the real world and the blog world. I know everyone is making suggestions as to what to do , but here's one more ignore it if you so choose. Take her to the chiropractor. It's perfectly harmless and I take all my babies. with some babies it really does make a big improvement with digestive issues, you have to give it a few visits though. hope that helps.