Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy 2 Months, Jovie!

little girl, you are 2 months old. its hard to believe that i've only known you for 8 short weeks but i love you like i've known you my whole life. you are such a sweet tiny little blessing. i can't imagine our family without you now! we all just love you so much!

here are your 2 month stats:

weight: 7 lbs 13 oz
height: 20 inches
head circumference: 38 cm

i never thought i would have a smaller baby than your brother. but at this stage, he was 6-7 ounces bigger! Dr Bubba says you are petite, with petite little features & you will probably continue to grow that way. however, he is concerned about your weight gain. that is because you have a terrible case of acid reflux. you are also dealing with some colic (really bad gas & stomach cramping). you were on Zantac for you reflux but it just wasn't working. you are now on Prevacid. its only been 5 days on this medicine but so far it seems to be helping. you also take a prescription gas drop, Levsin. and we love it! i've also tried an organic gripe water for your really fussy times & its helped you relax. you've really had a rough time this past month but we are praying that we finally have it figured out & that you are on the right track. we just feel so bad for you when you are in pain.

at age 7 weeks you rolled over from your tummy to your back! we couldn't believe it. but you've actually done it several times. you're adorable. you have gotten really good at holding your head up. in the past week you have begun to "talk" and smile. it melts our hearts. you just love to smile at me & daddy. i love our little talks together. daddy sings you a song that he made up called "jovie jellybean" and you love it. it always gets you to stop crying & you always smile so big. i think you just love hearing his voice. i can't wait to watch your relationship with him grow & develop into a sweet love for each other. your big brother could just eat you up. he kisses you 50+ times per day. he loves to kiss your hands, feet & head. whenever i'm holding you, he wants to sit right next to you & he gets so excited when we let him "hold" you. i hope you always love each other so much.

right now you eat 6-7 times per day. i usually shoot for that 7th time to help you gain some weight. you nurse at every feeding. some days i give you some formula for just one feeding & you do really well with that. you usually nap 3-4 times per day. some days its for long periods of time & other days you just nap for 45 minutes to an hour. you go to bed between 8 & 9 pm then i wake you around 10:30 or 11 pm for a "dream feed" you go right back to sleep & usually wake up between 5 & 6:30 am for your next feeding. i'm so proud of you! you started sleeping through the night at age 7 weeks & it has really helped me! your favorite time of day is bath time. it helps you so much when you are hurting. you are in a size newborn diaper. you can wear a size 1 but they are still pretty big. you can still wear your preemie sleeper gowns but you have just started wearing a few things that are newborn size.

we just love having a little girl around the house. you create the perfect balance for us since Jack is all boy! you have such a sweet little spirit. you love to be held & cuddled. i can't wait to see more of your true personality once we get rid of this reflux & colic. you are such a gift. i'm so excited to watch you grow. i'm really enjoying this stage b/c you want me to love on you so much. i'm exhausted but you are completely worth it!

happy 2 months sweetheart. i love you more than you could know.

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

Oh my goodness! How precious is she!!!