Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Little Picasso

i've been working hard to try & teach Jack a few new things. we've been working on colors, words, eating with a spoon, teaching him where things go & coloring. to be honest, it really takes some patience! i mean, i'm not rushing him, i know he will get it at his own pace. and i'm totally ok with that. i just want to be diligent in teaching him.

a few weeks ago, i gave him a piece of paper & a (washable) marker. i put him in his high chair & let him try it. well, he just didn't get it. i was a little disappointed b/c i was so excited to have his first little piece of art. but i let him play & then figured we would just try it again later. so, on monday, we tried again. and he got it! i showed him once or twice but he got the concept pretty well & he was so excited! (i may have been a little excited too!)

last night, we gave him chicken n dumplins for dinner. Ben suggested letting him try using his spoon. (we've also tried this before & he wasn't ready). but we knew he needed to keep trying. well, sure enough, he got it! i mean, the food didn't always make it in his mouth, but he was trying so hard. it was adorable, and messy! i just wish i would've taken pictures but i was nursing Jovie. (i need at least 2 more hands!) He has also started walking to the fridge & pointing, or taking our hand & walking us to the fridge when he wants something to drink! so smart.

also. he's been tugging at his diaper, a lot lately. if we say, "Jack, are you wet?" or "Jack, do you need a diaper change?" or "Jack, do you have a stinky diaper?" then he tugs at it. or sometimes he'll just tug at his diaper, then we'll ask him one of those questions & then he'll tug again & walk to the changing table. my boy is smart. but could this mean potty training is closer than i thought? i have no idea. but he definitely doesn't like sitting in a wet diaper. so, we'll see.

here are a few pictures of his first time to color. we are just a little bit proud!

such a cute little grin. he was so excited!

hard at work!

he took it pretty seriously.

such a good job!

the finished masterpiece. i would rather have this than a Picasso piece any day!

Good job buddy, i love you!

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