Friday, April 30, 2010

3rd time's a charm

well. i've done it again. i have wowed someone else with my incredible blog. i'm kidding. i completely realize this blog is pretty much entirely for me & i humbly thank the few of you who decide to waste some time & read it. sweet Amanda gave me this bloggie award. Amanda is my friend from high school. she was Ms. Everything at Germantown High School, but still sweet enough to befriend the little people. she lives out in the sticks close to me but somehow we haven't gotten together yet. we keep in touch through facebook & blogs. her little Kate is a cutie patootie & she is expecting baby #2 in October. so excited for her. so, thank you Amanda for the shout out. love you!

now that i have followed the first rule of the blog award (thanking Amanda) i will tell you the next 3 rules: pass the award to 7 other bloggers, tell them they've won the award, & tell 7 things about yourself. so here i go:

i nominate the following fabulous bloggers:

* Lindsay from Just the two of us. Lindsay is my darling little sister. she is graduating college in a couple weeks with her teaching degree. she's been married for almost a year to her sweet (and by sweet i mean, get a room!) hubby. they are the mushiest little newlywed couple but so adorable. she has a witty sense of humor & i crack up at her little musings. she definitely deserves the blog love, so go check her out!

* Katie from the Kublers. Katie is my littlest sister. she is one of the busiest people i know. she's in school full time, works full time & she's newly married. she has the cutest hubby. they are incredibly perfect for each other. i love it. she is crafty & creative. she did not get that from me. i wish. she is also hilarious. really hilarious. and she doesn't even mean to be. if you know her, you know what i mean. please go read her blog, you will not regret it.

* Amanda from Your Love is Better than Life. Amanda blows me away. she is supermom. she has 3 adorable little kids. she also keeps 3 adorable little kids during the week. she finds time to post pretty much everyday & i love it. she's always keeping track of her kids lives via blogging. she loves the Lord, her hubby & her kiddos. she posts yummy recipes, challenging bible verses & encouraging words. i really appreciate her blog. you would too.

*Shannon from the Mommy Diaries. Shannon is wonderful. her blog is all about her beautiful boys. her oldest, Jackson, is hysterical. and i love to read about all of her conversations with him. she also has a funny sense of humor & i love how she writes. we went to Kirby Woods together back in the day & i honestly wish i saw her more often. she is such a good mom & she works so hard. please go read her blog. right now.

* Ashley from the Fisher family. Ashley is the one person i know right now who is in the exact same place in life as me. she has 2 beautiful little girls. her oldest, Annabelle, and Jack are one month apart in age. and her youngest, Adelyn, and Jovie are one month apart in age. so, we both have 18 month old toddlers & new babies. both Adelyn & Jovie have severe acid reflux & our toddlers are a mess! both of our hubbies are in the ministry. the only difference is that she lives in Ohio!! i know she is where the Lord wants her family but i really wish we lived close together. i miss her so much. i love to read about her sweet girls, her silly hubby & their sweet life together. she is such an encouragement to me. you would love her. go see.

* Jess from the Kenney family. Jess is the best. we grew up together & we have such a similar personality. we were best friends in high school & i really miss seeing her on a daily basis. her boys are the cutest. and she is expecting her 3rd little boy in about 8 weeks. she is one of the most fun people to be around. i love her sense of humor & her honesty. she has never been a fake person & i truly appreciate that about her. truly one of my favorite people, its a shame i don't spend more time with her. go read about her adorable family.

* Kayla from On our Way to a New Life. Kayla is one of the sweetest people i know. and so funny. she is getting married in July & i can't wait. i know she can't either. she & her fiance go to our church & they are such a help to Ben & I. our ministry couldn't survive without them. Kayla has so much conviction & she really sticks to it. i love that about her. she feels like a little sister to me & i'm so excited about the direction our ministry is going in with her & TJ. she is fairly new to blogging so i know she would appreciate the love. go help a sister out.

now i must contact these girls about their prestigious award. done.

and now the long awaited, much anticipated 7 things about myself. (you can skip this part if you want!)

1. i hate mayo. i know most of you know this but i just feel the need to express it.
2. i love to cook & try new recipes. i try to cook about 4 times a week at home.
3. my favorite TV show of all time is Friends. i bet i've seen every episode 10 times & it never gets old. absolutely hilarious. me & the hubs watch it in bed almost every night. i also really love House & LOST. great stuff.
4. i definitely am more of a salt tooth than sweet tooth. but i crave chocolate every day.
5. i love musicals. newsies and the music man are my faves.
6. i could spend hours in Hobby Lobby dreaming up a million projects to work on but i never see them out. its so hard to find time to craft with 2 kids under 2!
7. my favorite color is red. i'm always drawn to it in stores. i'm hoping to find some cute red fabric for Jovie's bedding.

thats it friends. all done. feel free to follow all the rules or you can just list the 7 things about yourself. i always love reading those!! have a happy weekend!

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just the two of us! said...

thank you for the blog award dear sister! but i have no idea how it works? like... how does it work? do i do the same thing you did? i'm confused. i've never won a blog award before!