Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jovie Claire @ 3 months!

sweet Jovie girl, you are 3 months old today! that is so crazy to me. in some ways, i feel like i've always had you but in others it seems like we just left the hospital. funny how time flies even faster with the second baby. please don't grow up too fast.

i love the little stage you are in now. you are just so adorable. everyone always comments on how alert you are all the time. you are always cooing & smiling. you love to kick your legs & wave your arms all over the place. you enjoy sitting in your swing & napping or looking at the mobile. you have just started sitting in your bumbo seat & for about 15 minutes at a time, you really enjoy it. you look like such a big girl in it!

bath time is still your very favorite time of day. you constantly kick & squirm in your tub. you almost go completely underwater b/c you can't sit still. you just get so excited & its so cute. we love to give you a bath.

you are sleeping beautifully through the night. Praise the Lord! you go down between 9 & 10 at night & sleep until 6-7 the next morning. then you wake to eat & after that you go back to sleep for about 2 more hours. bless you child, bless you. we are still working on your naps. you like to wake up after about 45 minutes to an hour. sometimes you go back to sleep & sometimes you don't. you are pretty unpredictable that way. you do nap in your swing about once a day. i'll take what i can get at this point. you are still in your bassinet in our room & you probably will be until the summer b/c we only have one crib & Jack isn't quite ready to move out yet!

we are still battling your reflux. dad gum it. you are still taking 15mg of Prevacid each day. i have to jump through hoops to prepare your medicine b/c the OTC version is MUCH cheaper than the prescription. ($25 vs $165) i have to cut the capsule in half, then divide up the little pellets in half, then try to get one of the halves into a very small portion of apple juice, then suck them up into a syringe & then get them in your mouth. to say its annoying & complicated is a major understatement. but you need it & helps you, so i will do anything. you spit up halfway through a nap & i believe thats what wakes you up. i've learned to have a burp cloth handy at all times. i'm getting used to living in your spit up. we're praying that it passes in the next 3 months. we hate to see you hurt.

you are a mommy's girl. your favorite place is propped up on my shoulder (like i'm burping you). you could sit that way for hours. i love that you love me so much. so sweet. but it does make it a little difficult when i'm trying to wrangle Jack during the day. i've learned to do most things with one hand. however, you do love that dada. he loves to sing to you & you just smile & get so excited. i love to watch you interact with him. you are blessed with a precious daddy & i can't wait to watch you wrap yourself around his finger. he's very protective of you already. you & Jack are getting along beautifully. he just loves you so much & you love to watch him move around the room. i'm so excited for you 2 to grow up together. i love you both so much.

you are my favorite little girl in the world. i wouldn't trade all the hard times for anything b/c you are teaching me so much. the Lord has already used you in big ways in our family & we are so thankful for you. you are a precious gift & i hope you always know that.

happy 3 months jellybean, i love you deeply!


Audra Laney said...

How sweet! It seems impossible that she's already 3 months old. I'm SO impressed with her great sleeping habits. I pray our next one sleeps that well! And poor thing with the reflux. I just wish I knew something to tell you about how to fix it. I bet you wish I did too. I really pray she outgrows this junk soon!

just the two of us! said...

you're such a good mom. i love you! and jellybean!