Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting

(i know i'm slightly behind on posting this, but i've been a little busy!)

Jack participated in his very first Easter egg hunt on April 3. and it was adorable. i was a little worried that he wouldn't understand but he picked up on the concept immediately. but that's because he's a genius. no really. anywho. our church hosted the hunt & Jack had a great time looking for those plastic eggs, he even opened them up to see what goodies were inside. he was even 1 of 2 kids to find a "prize egg" which contained a crisp $5 bill. told you he was a genius.

here are a few pics of our fun day. beware of the cuteness! (he is getting way too big!)

the field between our house & the church. AKA the hunt site

jack & dada all ready to go

and he's off! (how cute is this picture?!)

the first egg Jack found. i was a little excited.

gathering up those eggs. he was a pro.

looking abroad for more eggs

off to find the rest of them!

we had such a fun day. i just love my sweet boy & all his little milestones. so precious.

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