Friday, April 23, 2010

My Eastery Birthday

i love when my birthday falls on Easter. so fun. Easter is ALL about our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. but i enjoyed having my 27th birthday fall on the same day. plus, i got to spend my birthday with all of our family, since we were getting together anyway.

after digging into Easter baskets, we started out the day at church. great service with sweet people. then we headed off to my parent's house for a nice lunch & great family time. after lunch, Jovie took a little snooze on her boppy while the rest of us played outside with Jack. we attempted a family picture of the 4 of us & turned out decent. not my fave, but not the worst. you take what you can get with 2 kids under 18 months!!!

later that afternoon we headed to Ben's parents house for supper. we grilled out hamburgers & hot dogs. Ben's brother, Tripp, recently got engaged to a sweet girl named Cris. she has 2 cutie pie little boys, KJ & Bear. (obviously nicknames). so it was really fun to have them with us this year. we're looking forward to their wedding on July 3, in FL!!! we relaxed, snapped some pics of the kiddos & let Jack run crazy outside.

we headed home a little bit early & crashed. we had a busy day but it was lots of fun. another Easter with Jack was so special & Jovie Claire's first Easter turned out to be so precious.

here are some pics from our Easter:

i loved stuffing baskets for them!

and Jack loved digging into it!

i can't believe that i have 2 kids this Easter.

my lemonade ice cream cake with strawberry topping birthday/Easter cake! it was delish.

my girl rocking her Easter nap.

my beautiful Easter baby.

my attempt at getting an Easter pic of them together. (no this wasn't Jack's Easter outfit, but he was in & out of it so fast it was hard to get a picture of him!)

some sweet Easter loving

running of his lunch on the golf course!

Happy Easter everyone! hope you had as blessed a day as we did!


just the two of us! said...

so cute! also, love the blog makeover! it's about time you included jovie! :) love you!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Love the pics!! I hate it that I never told you happy birthday so happy very late bday!! I love you and your sweet family!