Monday, April 5, 2010

Too Fast

time is moving way too fast for this momma. do you ever just have one of those days where you look at your child & realize how quickly they are growing?! do you remember "back in the day" when they were so tiny & now it just seems that they have sprouted up & taken off?! maybe i'm being dramatic. Jack is only 17 months old. but as i watched him hunt Easter eggs over the weekend, he just seemed so much bigger & part of that broke my heart.

i am absolutely loving the stage he is in right now. he's such a fun toddler, learning & growing so much. but i also realize that he's not a baby anymore & quickly becoming a little boy. i want him to stay this fun little age where he wants to love on me & be with me all the time. its just going so fast. this time last year, he was almost 6 months old. he was till nursing, not sitting on his own yet, eating baby food & drinking from a bottle. he would even still let me hold him for his naps. now, he is running, talking (somewhat!), coloring, throwing a ball, drinking milk from a sippy cup, eating regular solid food & doesn't want to snuggle as much when he sleeps. its just a little bit hard for me to grasp at the moment.

i just love him so very much. every time i look at Jovie i remember Jack being that small & i miss it. a little bit. i realize how quickly she will be that age & how different she will be just one year from now. why can't time just stop sometimes?! before i know it they will be in kindergarten (big gulp) and all of these fun baby/toddler stages will be over. so, i'm trying to soak in every moment with them. i promise i love being a mom more than anything. (besides being ben's wife!). i really do. i always want to have a little one around. its so hard some days, but every time i look at Jack or Jovie's sweet little face, i'm reminded of how wonderful & rewarded i feel to be their mommy. i love that boy. and i love that girl. i just want them to slow down a little bit. please.

i'm sorry if this is super sappy or sentimental. i'm just feeling emotional. really emotional. but, having kids will do that to ya! thank you Lord for the blessing of being Jack & Jovie's mom. may i never, ever take it for granted!

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