Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh How i Love Thee...

my friend, Rachel, recently did a post about some of the things that she loves. and i loved reading it. i think its so fun to read about the simple things in life that make someone happy. its refreshing to know that people delight in people when this world tells us we need a bunch of stuff to make life feel complete. Rachel asked people to leave comments about what things they love, but i decided to make a post of it. i want to look back & remember the simple joys of life on the days that i feel overwhelmed or stressed out. thanks Rachel for reminding me of all that i have to be thankful for!

a few things that i just love:

*the smiles of my children:

*date nights with my husband.

* nights at home with my family.

* scented candles

* a clean home. (though this is a rarity these days!)

* nap times

* chocolate, in any form

* Jovie's feet

* the way Jack will come running at me, full force, to give me a toddler sized bear hug

* how Jovie is so relaxed & at peace when she is nursing

* Jack's big blue eyes

* Ben's sense of humor

* crawling in bed after a long day & talking with Ben about anything

* the way Jack loves to point to every light & fan in any given room

* Jovie's dark blue eyes & dark brown hair

* family nights with my parents, brothers, sisters & their hubbies

* dinners with Ben's family

* going to the park & watching Jack run giddily all over creation

* watching my kids sleep. i love the innocence.

* going to church as a family

* cuddling with Jovie when she is having a hard day

* kisses from Jack

* cooking a good meal & knowing that Ben appreciates it

* when Ben helps me around the house

* a long hot shower

* when friends come to visit

* the health of my family

i could probably go on forever. but i won't!
what things do you love? Praise the Lord for giving us the simple things in this life to enjoy. He is good, all the time.
p.s. one more thing i love, my birthday! its tomorrow.......

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