Friday, May 7, 2010

Benjamin Jack & Jovie Claire

this week at Kelly's Korner is Show Us Your Life Kids Names. i thought it would be fun to share how we came up with our kids names. i love the names we picked out for our kids, they are perfect for them. naming our kids wasn't the easiest task for us but we're pleased with the results.

this is our Benjamin Jack. (he goes by Jack) isn't he super cute?!

when i got pregnant with him, we began coming up with names. i had a list of about 10 boys names that i liked, including Jack. i wanted his name to be Jack Henry. (i LOVE old fashioned names) but Ben only liked 1 name. he wanted us to name him Peyton. since we couldn't agree we decided to give up both names & pick one together. after a solid week of vetoing names, Ben said he liked the name Jack. and i suggested we give him the first name Benjamin, after Ben of course! so we finally had a name. it seemed like it took us forever! and now that he's 18 months old, i couldn't think of a more suitable name for him! his daddy calls him Pepper Jack!

and this is our beautiful Jovie Claire. i love the southern tone to her name!

when we unexpectedly got pregnant with her we began tossing names around. i tossed out Claire & Grace. but we couldn't come up with good middles names for either name. Claire has always been one of my very favorite little girl names & i was thrilled that Ben actually agreed with me! (most of the time he thinks i have terrible taste in names!) we started trying to think of girl names that began with the letter J. it was pretty difficult. then Ben said "hey babe, what is that girl's name on the movie ELF?" i had no idea! but after a couple of minutes, he said "JOVIE!!". at that minute he was sold on her name. it took me about a week to get used to but i fell in love with it once we placed it with the middle name Claire. i mean, it just goes. Jovie Claire. how sweet. we actually get a lot of crazy looks from people when we tell them her name. some people think its too weird. but i LOVE it. i don't know one other little girl named Jovie. so fun. her daddy calls her Jovie Jellybean. i call her sassy.

i love to tell people my kids' names. Jack & Jovie. it has a cute ring to it.

my two little monkeys!

i never thought i would be the mom that had kids whose names all started with the same letter. but once we picked Jovie's name, we decided to stick with it. so any future kids will have J names. some people think its too limiting, but i think its fun & challenging. plus, we already have another boy name picked out.

Judah will be our next son's name. i suggested Jude before we knew Jovie was a girl & then Ben said that he would want to name him Judah & call him Jude. works for me. i'm pulling for Judah Henry. we'll see how that goes! =)

Jane is my favorite name for another little girl. it isn't Ben's favorite but he likes it. (he's SO picky!!) i also really like Joy. but i don't know what middle names i would pair with them. so, we'll see!

picking out names for kids is so fun & sometimes frustrating!! kinda makes me wanna be pregnant again. HEY, i said kinda.


KatherineBee said...

Love both of the names for your cuties - they fit perfectly!

just the two of us! said...

this is a fun post! i love jane and jude! i'll start thinking of middle names, because who knows... there may be another little surprise baby on the way soon! ;)

McDowell Family said...

I have never heard of the name Jovie and I love it! We aren't having any more babies...but we do have a Jude!