Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am Mommy

tomorrow is my 2nd Mother's Day. i'm really looking forward to it. growing up, i longed for the day i would be able to celebrate Mother's Day. i knew that the Lord had created me to be married & be a mom. there was no doubt in my mind. i couldn't wait for the day that someone would call me mom. it was truly the desire of my heart.

now that i have both J & J, i can honestly say that all of my wishes, hopes, dreams & aspirations have been fulfilled. Ben & I would like another baby (just not this year!) but even if something happened & we couldn't have one, i am so content with my children. i have a sweet little boy & beautiful baby girl. the Lord has been so good to me & i can not complain.

i firmly believe that one major reason i enjoy mothering so much is because i have a fantastic husband. he gives me every freedom & the upmost trust in how i mother our kids. he has never questioned me or my motives. but he's always there to be supportive, encouraging, helpful & loving. he prays for me everyday as i take care of our children. he isn't perfect by any means but he is sensitive & uplifting. i honestly don't know how single moms survive. i have so much respect for them. i could not make it everyday without Ben. just when i'm about to give up, or fall down where i stand & sleep, he is there to lend a hand. we definitely are partners in the job of raising our kids & i'm so thankful to the Lord for giving me the perfect husband, for me.

Jack & Jovie are incredible. i know i say that all the time, but i don't care. i'm so humbled by them. how can 2 little people, so dependent & so innocent, teach me so much & cause me to drop to my knees & seek the Lord for his grace & mercy?! i've never felt more dependent on Jesus. i could not be a mom without losing my mind if it weren't for Christ!

Jack is the most wonderful little boy. his smile is infectious & contagious. he is so loving, he will kiss you 100 times & give you the biggest hugs. he is curious, determined, sweet spirited, quirky, tender hearted, loving & so much fun. being his mom has been the greatest 18 months of my life. he has taught me how to be sacrificial & patient. i have never loved any responsibility more than taking care of him day in & day out. he is a precious gift.

Jovie Claire is the sweetest baby. she is definitely a momma's girl. i love the way she loves to snuggle up under my neck & fall asleep. she is always smiling, cooing & "talking" to us. she has definitely brought some love into home. having a little girl is amazing. besides dressing her up, we love her delicacy. she has taught me how to trust the Lord when the unexpected comes along & how to rejoice because He always has a perfect plan. i got to experience all the excitement of a new baby again with her & I have truly loved it. i've really learned how to multi-task since she was born!!! she is the most beautiful little girl.

i am convinced that being a mom is the greatest role the Lord could ever give. He actually entrusts us with growing, loving & raising a human being. we are there 24 hours a day, when its ugly & when its fun. nothing is more trying, exhausting, sacrificial or stressful. but its also the most rewarding & joyous experience i've ever had. i know that i talk all the time about how much i love my kids & how grateful i am for them. but i do not apologize for that. this blog is for me & my family. and should they ever read this, i want them to know how much i truly love them & being their mom. i want them to grow up never questioning my motives or my heart for them. i really can't wait for my sisters to have kids b/c i know they will love it as much as i do & i want that blessing for them. its just too wonderful to never experience.

i am so grateful for Mother's Day. not for the gifts, cards or recognition but for what it stands for. i can celebrate the fact that i am living what He created me to do & how much i love it. thank you Lord for blessing me with my sweet children. help me to always have a heart of gratitude as the years go by. Thank you for an amazing mom that taught me so much about giving of myself for my kids & for a sweet mother-in-law that loves me as her own.

Happy Mother's Day to you & me. (and to Brittany who will be a mom in November!!!). please thank the Lord for how blessed you are to have a child. it is a privilege.


Brittany said...

thank you! hope you have wonderful day!!!

Audra Laney said...

"i can celebrate the fact that i am living what He created me to do & how much i love it. thank you Lord for blessing me with my sweet children."

My favorite statement! That is what this day is about for me!