Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jack @ 19 Months!!

sweet Jack, you are 19 months old today. holy moly. you are now on the down hill slide to being 2 years old. unbelievable. i still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. you are such a beautiful little boy & you make life SO much fun!!!

you are quite the active child. everyone always comments on how busy you are all day long. you just keep going until we put you in bed. sometimes, just watching you play wears me out. you are very independent; you can always find something to do on your own & it can usually entertain you for hours. i love this about you! you are also very creative. you can use the most random object & turn it into a toy. you love to look for household items to spin, push around the house, climb in or turn upside down. you still love to hide things all over the house & you can make a mess quicker than i can clean one up.

you are still a great eater, for the most part. you have your picky days but as a whole, you will eat whatever i offer you. but you would always rather have something to drink than something to eat. you would drink 12 cups of juice or milk per day if we would let you. you favorite snack is goldfish, cheez its or fruit. you love chicken & pasta with red sauce. you aren't a big alfredo fan. you are getting better about eating veggies.

you would rather be outside than anywhere else. i can tell that you are starting to get bored being inside on rainy days. we try to take you out a couple times per day to play & burn some energy. your favorite thing to do outside is play with the water hose or toss a ball around.

you are still a great sleeper. Praise the Lord. you take one big 2 hour nap per day & you sleep 11+ hours at night. you go down without a fight, sometimes you even play for awhile before you fall asleep. we love to hear you talk to yourself or giggle in your crib. you have recently started using a pillow in your bed & you love it. we'll be moving you up to a big boy bed this summer.

you love bath or shower time. all we have to do is say the word & you run back to the bathroom ready to hop in. you are definitely a little fish. i can't wait to spend the summer days in the pool with you!

you are getting better with your words. this month you have added the words "hot", "yuck" "la" (for lola), "door" "done" "dog" & "no" to your vocabulary. we are working on some more. you are starting to learn to distinguish colors. we can tell you "Jack, go get me your blue ball" and you are usually right on the money. occasionally you will get it wrong, but not very often. you still love to point out every fan & light in any room. and recently you have fallen in love with turning our box fan on & off 1,000 times per day. you have also learned how to give Jovie her paci, which is a big help. you love to "help" me unload the dishwasher & "fold" clothes. you love to play with straws & try to put them in our cups. you haven't quite mastered drinking out of them. you are great with using a fork or spoon. i think you have 15 balls in this house, they are everywhere. they are still your favorite toy. you also loved any type of stuffed animal. you are starting to figure out how to open doors & i am not loving it. you LOVE music & you love to dance to it. you have recently started running in place & its hilarious. you love the vacuum & get so excited when we bring it out.

you are in a size 4 diaper & size 12-18 month clothing. you wear a size 5 shoe. you are still on the small side, but you are growing so fast.

we will be moving in august & then again in the early spring. we are praying you adjust well to all the changes coming up. but i think you will do just fine.

little boy, you are the most wonderful child. everything about you is a blessing. you are definitely asserting your free will & stubborn streak but it is teaching us so much. i love that your little mind is developing so much. you are a very smart toddler. being your mom is such an honor. i can't think of a better way to spend my day. you are the sweetest big brother & you are so gentle (most of the time!) with Jovie. we really can't get enough of you. your daddy loves you like crazy & you have such a precious relationship with him. we love you SO much & we are so proud of you!! now, no more growing up!

happy 19 months my love. i love you deeply.

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