Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jovie Claire @ 4 Months

precious girl, you are 4 months old. time is just flying by. before i know it you'll be a little toddler. but for right now, i am really enjoying your infancy. lately, i have wanted this stage to last forever. you are the sweetest baby. i never get bored with you!

here are your 4 month stats:

weight: 11 lbs ( 10-15th %)
height: 23 inches (15th%)
head: 43 cm (25-50th %)

Dr Bubba said you are growing beautifully & that even though you are suffering pretty bad from acid reflux, you are gaining weight appropriately. you are definitely smaller than most babies your age, but we're all ok with that. you are just perfect!

you are definitely coming out of your shell. you smile, coo, talk & give litle giggles all the time. we love to interact with you. recently, you have discovered your feet & you love it. you always want something to hold on to; whether its a blanket, toy ring, paci, bib or someone's finger, you are comforted by grasping something. you do very well in your car seat, most of the time you fall asleep. you still take a paci & i love it. you follow us with your eyes as we cross a room & you turn your head to the sound of our voices daily. we love to see you smile when you see us!

you are fascinated by Jack. i think you wonder why he is constantly making crazy noises, running, climbing, jumping & giving you love. you give him some of your biggest smiles. i'm so excited to watch you grow up together!

you are still a momma's girl. i'm pretty much the only one who can console you when you get really worked up. Jack went through the same phase. i don't mind it. i love the extra snuggles! at least once a day, i hold you while you take a 30-45 minute nap. i'm trying to enjoy every moment while you want to be cuddled. you "talk" to me all day long & i really enjoy it. i wish i knew what you were trying to tell me!!!

as much as you love me, you light up when you hear your daddy. he sings to you all the time & you get so excited. you give him the biggest grins. i can tell that you enjoy getting his attention!! in fact, you want attention from everyone all day long!!

you wear a size 1 diaper & you are in newborn to 3 month size clothing. you have so many little dresses that i just love to put you in! you are finally starting to fit into the socks i have for you, you always have cold feet!

you are a great night time sleeper but nap times are rough. you are just unpredictable during the day & i know that its due to your crazy reflux. you aren't on the greatest routine schedule b/c sometimes you spit up so much that i have to feed you a second time. you will also fall asleep & then wake up spitting up & get so upset. i can't let you cry it out for more than 10 minutes b/c you will spit up so much & then there is no getting you to sleep. lately, you have taken a good mid-afternoon (about 1.5 - 2 hours) and then a 45 minute nap in the late afternoon. you pretty much have to be swaddled & propped up to go to sleep. i have tried to teach you to sleep without it but it just doesn't happen. but, i'm not worried about it too much. i know you will outgrow it eventually. i'm just thankful that you are comfortable enough with a swaddle to fall asleep.

we are still asking the Lord to heal you from the acid reflux. its not fun. your good days are great. but your hard days are so tough b/c we can tell you are really hurting. i'm so ready for you to feel better. you are still on prevacid & that does seem to be helping you somewhat. we are holding out for the day that it is gone!!

sweet girl. you are such a joy. we are so proud to be your parents. you have taught me so much about patience & sacrifice. you have added so much love to our family. i can't imagine not having you. its crazy how much i love you. being your mommy is such a blessing & i thank the Lord for you every single day.

happy 4 months my jovie girl! i love you SO much.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You have such a sweet family! My youngest daughter Abby, also suffers from acid reflux. It is such a horrible thing to have to deal with. She was started on Prevacid at 6wks. She is now 4 and is still on a small dose before bed time. Abby also had a milk/soy protein intolerance to go along with the reflux and it made her life miserable until she was diagnosed with that at 4 months. I've had lots of experience dealing with reflux, so if you ever need anything please feel free to email me Andrea

Ashley Fisher :) said...

It was soo good to meet this sweeet girl the other day; she is a jewel! I miss you friend! I'm so sorry we did not get to hang out longer; next time for sure!!! Love you!