Monday, May 10, 2010

They Win on Mother's Day

oh my goodness. my Mother's Day was insane & exhausting. from the time i got up until i went to bed, i felt like i was behind. both my kids had rough days. which creates a long day for mommy. it wasn't the relaxing day i was hoping for, but it definitely caused me to laugh. at the end of the day ben & i looked at each other & said "they win, today they definitely won!"

Jovie Claire spit up more that day than she ever has in her life. bless her. it was ridiculous & SO frustrating. i know its not her fault & she can't help it & its honestly not her that i'm frustrated with, its the situation. it just seems that nothing is doing the trick for her. the prevacid seems to be helping (a little) with her pain level but it doesn't touch the spit up problem. we're just praying & asking the Lord to heal her from it soon.

Jack was so cranky that day. he just didn't get enough sleep, his nap was pushed back b/c we went out for lunch & he's cutting like 5 teeth. he was one fussy little boy. he is trying so hard to use words to tell us what he wants, but he's not completely there yet. he can say a few words but otherwise he will whine or point aimlessly to what he wants. i know he gets so frustrated trying to tell us what he wants & we can get frustrated trying to understand. bless him. he is an adorable little mess. lately, he's become so clingy to me. anytime i am feeding, loving on or playing with Jovie, he wants to be in my lap or have all of my attention. he's so sweet to Jovie but he is struggling a little bit with not having 100% of my time. this is especially hard for me. i'm trying so hard to balance my time with my kids. but this day was more difficult than usual.

my house was a complete & total disaster all day. i just couldn't stay on top of it. every time i would clean one part of the house, another room was dirty. i bet i cleaned the kitchen 3 times that day & i know i did about 4 loads of laundry but if you walked in my house, you wouldn't have known it. i know i shouldn't let it get to me so much but i just get so frustrated b/c i feel like we are constantly behind.

Mother's Day was also Jovie Claire's baby dedication. it was one of the sweetest moments of my life. but, i'll do a post about that later. but it was definitely my favorite part of the day.

Ben & i went to bed completely worn out. i'll be honest, at first i was disappointed. i thought "i sure would've liked to felt pampered & super appreciated today. i need a break" but then the quiet precious Holy Spirit reminded me so gently " you are a mom today & you are so blessed." i immediately felt so convicted. it wasn't the Mother's Day that my mind had envisioned but it was a real day. i just kept thinking "this is the most real that it gets. i had a rough day but i am a mom & sometimes, that just happens." my kids are little & will only be this age once. i have no business to ever complain or pity myself. it is my job to exhaust myself in keeping up with them. i can rest, be pampered, appreciated & doted on when i am older. they are so precious to me.

that night, both of our kids ended up in our bed. only for about 20 minutes. we laid down in our bed with them, just to snuggle & they fell asleep. i had Jack on one side & Jovie on the other. it made my day. how wonderful to end a rough day by snuggling with my babies. i laid there & thanked the Lord for my rough day b/c it taught me to get over my pride & to be grateful for my kids. as i put my children in bed that night, i had tears in my eyes. i really did. i never want to take them for granted or be frustrated with the daily activities of caring for them. i know its ok for me to be irritated sometimes but i really should do a better job of handling it, i don't want to pity myself. i have so much to be thankful for & so much to appreciate.

overall, i'm so thankful for my first Mother's Day with 2 kids. it was long, tiring, busy & humbling. i am beyond blessed to be a mom. its the greatest thing i've ever experienced. thank you Lord, for using my sweet babies to teach me more about your love. help me to draw my strength from you.


Audra Laney said...

Audrey, everything about this post is beautiful, including your heart.

Ben and Audrey said...

thanks girl! you're sweet! you are gonna be great with 2 kids!!

Wheatley Family said...

Hey Audrey! Thanks for the comment! I understand your life. My first two girls are 14 months apart! The first year is the hardest then it gets better!! Random connection but I think your uncle was the attorney who helped me with the baby I placed for adpotation. Small world uh?