Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jack @ 20 Months

little Jackabee, you are now 20 months old. i can hardly believe that in 4 short months you will be 2 years old. you are growing way too fast for me. i love that you are still my little toddler & i don't want you to be a big boy just yet. i am trying so hard to savor every day with you! you are just the sweetest & cutest little boy, ever. we are having so much fun with you & sometimes we are sad for you to go to bed at night! we just want to keep you up & play all the time.

i'm amazed at how much you learn each month. you are so smart. you have now learned how to pull doors closed using the door handles (thank goodness you can't quite open them yet!), drink from a cup with a straw (you've just never cared anything about it until now!), turn the water on & off at the faucet & you are attempting to put your shoes on yourself. it is quite adorable.

you understand pretty much every word we say. we can say things like:
"Jack, lets change your diaper" and you will run to the changing table & get a diaper
"Jack, do you have a dirty diaper?!" and you will say "yuck" if you are dirty
"Jack, can you put the hat on your head?" and you do it.
"Jack, are you ready for a bath/shower?" and you run right back to the bathroom.
"Jack, are you ready for a bite or a drink?" and you run to your high chair or the refrigerator
"Jack where is sissy or Jovie or baby (we have many words for her) and you run right to her
"Jack, lets go get Lola" and you run right to her kennel
"Jack, are you ready to go bye bye or get in the car?" and you run to the door
if i tell you dada is coming home soon, you run to the door. and whenever he walks in the door you say "HEY DADA" in the cutest voice. you also say "Hey Dada" when you see me, granddaddy, lolli, Jovie or pretty much anyone else. we've determined its your general greeting for everyone. but you do say it especially excited for your daddy. i love it. you have also started saying the word "HOT" and you know exactly when to use it. its amazing. you say it when we go outside, if the oven or stop top is on. if we hand you warm food, if hot water is running or when you walk around barefoot outside.

you are really starting to try & figure out how things work. you are very curious & into everything! recently, you have started trying to "help" me do everything. you want to help unload the dishwasher, fold clothes, push the vacuum, change Jovie, put my shoes on, shut doors for us, put up dishes & buckle seat belts. i love watching you learn. we are working on teaching you: colors, saying "i love you" & "Jesus", & holding up 1 finger when we ask you how old you are. i have no doubt that you will learn those things soon. you catch on pretty quickly. smarty pants.

you go to bed between 8 & 9 p.m., just depending on whatever we have going on. and you wake up between 8 & 9 a.m. you nap from about 1:00-3:30 pm each day. you are such a great sleeper & you wake up so happy. you take your lovie, puppy & blanket to bed with you each night. you are still in a size 4 diaper, size 5 shoe & size 18 months clothes. however, you can still wear a few things that are size 12 months. you weigh 24 lbs. you are still a pretty good eater but lately you have hit a picky stage. you want to eat chicken nuggets, cereal bars & chocolate milk for every meal! you still love to spin bowls. actually, you try to spin everything. its hilarious.

we are really looking forward to the rest of this year with you. we are moving in 5 weeks & you will begin the transition to a big boy bed. not quite sure i'm ready for that yet! in the fall, i'm going to start a motherwise bible study that will meet each tuesday morning. i'm excited about learning & you being able to play with some kids your age each week. we are taking 3 trips in the next 3 months & we are so excited to travel with you!

you are the most fun little boy. we are having a blast being your parents. and even though you must be disciplined each day, its so worth it. we can tell that you are learning & overall, you are pretty obedient. you have such a neat relationship with me & daddy. you give kisses to everyone & everything, especially Jovie. you are the sweetest big brother. we are so proud of you. you are truly the light of our lives & we never take you for granted. we love you SO very much.

happy 20 months my love. you are such a blessing.

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

Jack is such a cutie! I wish we could gets the kids to play together more often!! :)un