Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jovie Claire @ 5 Months

oh my sweet girl, you are 5 months old already. you are no longer a newborn, you're a busy little baby! i can't believe how much i love you. i am so thankful the Lord knew how much we needed you in our family. you are a bundle of joy & a blessing to us.

you have definitely given me a run for my money the past couple of weeks! nap time has been quite the battle in our household. you do so great at night time. you put yourself to sleep & you will sleep for the whole night & then wake up in a great mood. but during the day, you just fight it so hard. some people have told me that you may be a baby that just doesn't nap. but i know that is not the case for you. if you don't get a good nap during the day then you are 100% miserable by about 6:30 pm. you will doze in & out all day long. you will sleep great if i hold you or nurse you to sleep. but i am determined to teach you. Jack learned it & it was the best thing for him. we think it might be a combination of things that are giving you a hard time. so, we're putting you back on your prevacid. we're just praying the Lord will allow your body to get some rest. you need it so much.

even though you struggle with naps, you are still a great baby. the ugly reflux is still lurking around but it has gotten better, on most levels. but we are thankful for the improvements. you are almost sitting up completely by yourself. its so adorable. you roll everywhere!!! its so funny b/c i can leave the room (for just a quick moment) and come back to find you have rolled across the floor. sometimes you will be under the pack n play or one of the side tables! you do a lot more rolling than Jack ever did! you are grasping & grabbing at anything you can. you try to pull your bottle & our cups to your mouth all the time! you are a very observant baby. we laugh all the time b/c you will just stare someone down! but you are always quick to give a big smile! we all love that dimple on your right cheek. you are also very vocal, you love to coo & talk to Jack, us or your toys. its so sweet. you love to play with your rattles, your pacis, diapers & your lovie. we have started putting you in the johnny jump up & the jumperoo & you really enjoy both of them. i'm so thankful that you are easily entertained!

bath time is still your favorite time of day. you & Jack now take baths together & you both have so much fun. you do so great in your car seat & out in public. we are grateful that you are such a content baby.

you eat 6 times per day, sometimes 7 when you hit growth spurt. you are still nursing & sometimes i'll give you a bottle of formula to top you off or if i know we'll be out running around. i must say that i love nursing you. mornings are my favorite. you will wake up around 6:30 to nurse. i put you in bed with me, you nurse & then we both go back to sleep until about 8:30 or 9 am. brother usually wakes up around then & i have to get up with him. you stay asleep, most of the time. you definitely sleep in your own bed, but i love those 2 hours each morning when i know you will be snuggled up next to me. so sweet. i'm trying to soak it in b/c i know you are growing so fast! you go to bed each night between 8-9 pm. you are an excellent night time sleeper, Praise the Lord!

you are still a petite girl. everyone always comments on your size. you weigh about 12 1/2 lbs. you wear a size 3 month in clothing & can still fit into a lot of your size newborn stuff. you are in a size 2 diaper. i love how little you are, its so sweet.

Jovie Claire. you are the most wonderful baby girl. you are always happy, smiling & chewing on your fingers! we are so proud of you. we absolutely love being your parents. we are so excited about watching you grow up. you are an absolute blessing to our family. i can't even begin to describe how much i love you. i'm trying so hard to remember each day & enjoy each moment. there are hard days but the good days & sweet times far outweigh them. i hope you always know how much we enjoy you. i pray you never think we feel obligated or weighed down by you. you are a joy.

Happy 5 months, my little jellybean. i love you more than you will ever know.

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Jessica Kenney said...

She is too cute! Go for 3! Its great :)