Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jovie tries Rice Cereal

at Jovie Claire's 4 month appt (May 26) Dr Bubba gave us the go ahead to try rice cereal. i was actually pretty excited. i've been hoping it would help with her reflux. but it is a little sad knowing that she is already old enough to start eating foods. i love this baby stage!

a couple of days after her appt, i got all the goods together to whip up some rice cereal. (i know i'm almost a month late posting this but i was actually hoping i would get some better pictures of her eating it, but my ghetto camera is just terrible.) Jovie wasn't too sure about the cereal. she didn't love it, but she sure didn't hate it. she mad some cute little faces & i could tell she was trying to figure out the consistency of it. i used about 1/2 the box of rice cereal & now she is eating oatmeal. i add a little sprinkle of cinnamon & she really seems to like it. i love to watch her try to eat it, she is just the cutest girl, ever!

here a couple pics of her first taste of rice cereal:

this was the face she made as soon as i put it in her mouth for the first time!! hilarious!

not too sure about it! but she's the cutest girl i know!

my sweet girl is growing up!! i can't believe she'll be eating fruits & veggies in july!! quit growing so fast Jovie! i love you!

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