Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

we had a fun Father's Day as a family. we spent it with family, which is always the most fun. we had a really yummy lunch with Ben's family & a really delish dinner with my family. that's usually how it goes for our holidays. but i'm not complaining! i am so thankful for all the time that we get to spend with them. what a blessing.

i always talk so much about my kids on this blog. but Ben is definitely the unsung hero of our family. i'm not kidding, i'd be in a loony bin without him. He is the most sane, balanced & strong person i know. His faith & walk with the Lord is rock solid. He is a prayer warrior & has the most generous gentle heart of any person i know. He is absolutely the best dad the Lord could've given Jack & Jovie. period. He is so patient & sweet with them. He is slow to anger & quick to play every time he's with them. i'm so thankful for how much he loves them. i really could go on & on about how wonderful Ben is as a father, but there just isn't enough time in the day!!! I am so blessed & so thankful for my husband. watching him with our children makes me love him so much more than ever. Jack & Jovie Claire are crazy about him. Happy Father's Day my love!!

i also wanted to acknowledge my dad & father-in-law. they are so deserving of a special day. my daddy is the sweetest man alive. if you know him, you love him. he is the kindest & most gentle man i know. i absolutely love him to pieces. he is so fun, super silly & so strong in his faith. i am incredibly proud of him. he has a great attitude despite the many hardships he has faced. he is hands down, the hardest working man. he is full of integrity & dignity. Jack & Jovie love hi so much! i couldn't have asked for a better daddy & i am so thrilled my kids get to grow up with him as their Poppa!! Ben's dad, Jimmie, is amazing. over the past 9 years that Ben & I have been together, he has become like a 2nd dad to me. He is so wise & so generous. he is such a strong leader for so many people. he gives so much of himself to others. he is a great godly example to ben. he is so respectful & graceful. my kids just adore him & he is the sweetest grandaddy to them!!! Happy Father's Day to my 2 favorite men (besides Ben!!!).

i wish i had pictures of our day with these guys. but alas, my stupid camera is broken. but i definitely didn't want the week to go by without me acknowledging how much i am thankful for Ben, my daddy & my father-in-law. they are such a blessing. i am SO proud for my children to be related to each of them. thank you Lord for surrounding me with godly men in my family.
Happy Father's Day!!!

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

I would so be in the looney bin without adam too!!! :)