Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jovie is 7 Months!!!

Jovie Claire, you are 7 months old already. my goodness. you seem to be growing even quicker than Jack. you are just learning so much. you are the most active baby i've ever seen! you don't stop moving until you go to bed. you wear me out just watching you! but you have the sweetest little personality.

you are doing a couple new things this past month. right before you turned 7 months, you started crawling! and you are all over our house. you can crawl anywhere & get into everything! you are also pulling up on everything you can. you aren't quite a pro at it yet so there have been a few bumps & bruises. but you are very determined. i think you notice all the things that Jack can do & you try to keep up with him. one of your favorite things to do is play under the coffee table. you love to crawl over the wood slabs. its so funny b/c you could just go around it & avoid all the trouble but you insist on crawling over it! you can sit up perfectly now. you love to sit up & play with toys or teethe on whatever you can get your hands on! your bouncy seat does a great job of entertaining you. you can sit in that thing forever & bounce your little heart out!

you are eating tons of baby food these days. you have tried just about all of them & you haven't turned down a single one of them! you are a great eater! you usually eat 1 veggie & 1 fruit per day. you take 5-6 bottles per day & each one is 5 oz; except for your bed time bottle which is 6 oz. you love to try table food. you are so curious when you watch any of us eat. we have let you try pizza crust, crackers & banana. so far, you love it all! i'm very thankful that you don't seem to be too picky.

you are in a size 3 diaper but its still a little big on you. but its seems to be more comfortable for you than a size 2. you typically wear a size 6 month in clothing. somethings you wear are even a 3-6 month. and maybe 1 or 2 things are a 9 month. but that is rare. trying to find pants that aren't huge on you is such a challenge. you are just a petite girl. you haven't started wearing shoes yet but i'm going to try & find you one pair that you can wear through the fall. you aren't a fan of the hair bows, you are always pulling them off. but they are just so cute on you!

Jovie, we just love everything about you. you are so very loving & cuddly. you reach out your arms for us to hold you & you love to be rocked. you are still a mommy's girl & i can't complain. you follow me from room to room & constantly try to pull up on my leg. you fuss when i leave the room or if you think you can't see me. but you light up like crazy when your daddy enters the room. you have started reaching for him & he is the only man you aren't afraid of right now! you love to pull on his beard & slobber on his face. i love watching you with him!

Happy 7 months, sassy. you are such a precious baby & i love you immensely.

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