Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jack @ 22 Months!!

little boy, you are 22 months old. your 2nd birthday is around the corner & i can't believe it. time is flying by way too fast & even though i'm enjoying your age, i don't want you to keep growing up!

you are the smartest little booger i know. in this past month it seems like your vocabulary has doubled & you are picking up on everything we do. your new words are: heart, star, circle, Jack, momma (you've always said it but its really clear now) fire truck, dump truck, truck, beep beep, vroom vroom, lovie, car & cup. you are talking all day every day. several of your words are still jibber jabber but you throw in some real words pretty often. without a doubt, your favorite word & your favorite thing is fire truck. you are obsessed. you have about 5 different fire trucks of all shapes & sizes. you carry them everywhere you go: the tub, the bed, the car, outside, restaurants, stores & people's houses. as we are driving, you point out every truck you see & call it a fire truck. you must touch every single car or truck that we pass on our walk & call it a "friar tuck". (the way you say fire truck). we love it! its so cute to see you enjoy something so much.

you are still in a size 18-24 months in clothes. however, you can wear several 12 month things. you are a little bitty boy! you are now in a size 6 shoe, its a little big but you have plenty of room to grow in it the next few months. you are in a size 5 diaper. you weigh about 23 1/2 pounds.

you are definitely going through some phases & changes. you are a social & very friendly little boy. you love to play with others & give love to everyone. you have the sweetest little persona. but recently you have become so attached to me. you notice when we are in a new place or situation & you cling to me like crazy. you won't let me put you down. you are still having trouble when i leave you in the nursery but you are improving a little bit. i know it will just take some time. you love your daddy to pieces. you have become so sensitive to the tone of his voice. he rarely has to spank you b/c you cry as soon as his voice becomes firm with you. i love your tender heart. you notice everything now. you copy tones of our voices, you try to copy every word we say. its a little scary!! you love to dance when you hear music. you have a cute little rhythm. the sweetest thing you do right now is sing. you make up your own little songs & your own little words. it is the most precious thing i've ever heard. you are also learning some shapes & letters. each night at bath time i use a bath crayon to draw a heart, star, circle & the letter J on the tub. you can point to each one when i ask you where the are & you repeat them very well. i'm so proud of you! i can tell you are eager to learn new things.

you have fallen into a bed time routine. you love for us to lay you in bed, give you your lovie & sock monkey, cover you up, sing Jesus Loves Me 3 times (no less!) & pray. if we don't do these things, you let us know about it. we love having that special time with you each night. you have also become really interested in your children's bible. you love to look at the pictures & you even let us read a story or 2 before you become distracted. you are still the sweetest big brother. you & Jovie really play well together. she follows you around the house & gets into stuff with you. you love entertaining her & making her laugh! but you do not enjoy when she tries to play with one of your trucks! we're working on teaching you how to share!

you are the most precious little boy in the world. i never grow tired of spending my days with you. i just wish i could slow time so that i can enjoy you forever! you are an absolute blessing to us. you are teaching us so much about how to depend on the Lord as we parent you. we are thankful for your tender sensitive silly funny personality. we pray that you remain a sweet & loving child that seeks the Lord.

Happy 22 months sweet boy. i couldn't love you more if i tried.

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