Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Cupcake

since we already had Jack's birthday party on Saturday, we didn't plan on doing anything big for his actual birthday. we just wanted to spend the day together & love on our sweet boy. we woke up that morning & played. then i fixed him some pancakes, eggs & bacon. Ben had to work at Lenny's that morning but we decided to go visit him for lunch. i wanted Jack to have a little birthday treat, so i decided we would go to Muddy's before we went to lunch. when we pulled up to Muddy's, i noticed it was closed. boo, but it is closed every Monday, i had just forgotten. so, i quickly googled something else on my iphone & learned there was a GiGi's cupcake store about a mile from Muddy's! we ran into the store & i let Jack picked the cupcake he wanted & i got one for me & one for Ben.

we had lunch with Ben at work, then headed home for naps. when Jack woke up, we took him to play outside. then we went to dinner as a family, at Chick-fil-a! Jack loved it! after dinner we headed home & we gave Jack his HUGE cupcake. he was a little overwhelmed by it, but he dug in & really enjoyed it!

here are a few pics from his cupcake extravaganza:

our yummy cupcakes!!

Jack's chocolate chocolate chip cupcake with TONS of chocolate icing!!

"uh, momma, what do i do with this thing?!"

he wasn't too sure about the candle being lit. he kept saying "hot, hot, hot!"

giving it a taste

and LOVING it!

"whew, i can't eat another bite!"

we had such a fun day with our sweet boy. he has been 2 years of absolute joy. so thankful for him!

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