Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jovie @ 9 Months

little sassy, you are 9 months old! the weeks & months are passing by so quickly. i can't believe you are no longer my newborn baby but now my busy little girl. you are so close to being a year old & i'm just not ready for that! i absolutely love having an infant in my home & when you get bigger, i might just get an itch for another sweet baby!

your little personality is really shining through these days. you are very loving & cuddly. you always want me to hold you, love on you & play with you. you are very determined! you never give up without a fight but you are so sweet. you get bashful & shy around new people or whenever you wake up from your nap! so cute. you absolutely adore your big brother. you crawl around the house to follow him. you laugh at everything he does & you grunt when he frustrates you. you give him (and everyone) kisses all day long. when we tell you "no" you grunt. its funny & adorable but we know you have to learn to obey so we try to conceal our giggles.

you are such a good but laid back eater. you have never turned down one food but when you drink your bottle, you take your sweet time. you drink 2 or 3 ounces then play & then drink some more. sometimes it takes you over an hour to finish a bottle! hilarious. we aren't used to this b/c Jack would guzzle his down in 10 minutes. so funny how your personalities are so different. you take 5 bottles per day, 7 ounces each with an 8 ounce bottle at bedtime. you love table food veggies & i love that! your favorite is green beans. you have also tried carrots, squash, spinach & potato. your favorite fruit is an orange. we give you an orange slice & you are entertained for awhile! you also love apples, pears & banana. you've had chicken a couple times & you love that too! i hope you are always a great eater!

at 9 months you weigh 17 lbs 8 oz. you are 26 inches long. you are in a size 3 diaper, a size 1 shoe & in 6-9 month clothing. mostly 6 months. your height & weight are both in the 25-50th% & your head is in the 75%! Dr Bubba says you are growing beautifully & we agree! you have chunky little thighs & pudgy cheeks. i just love your little baby body!!

you are crawling everywhere & pulling up on everything. you can stand unassisted for about 20 seconds. you walk around the tables & couches easily so i'm guessing you'll be walking in the next couple months. but i don't mind if you don't!! ha! i'm enjoying you so much at this stage. you are so fun & interactive!! you love to give kisses when we ask for them! you "talk" constantly & you still love your bouncy seat. thank goodness.

Jovie, we just love you so much. you are the sweetest baby girl, ever. you love your dadda so much & you've really grown attached to him. you are a mommy's girl & i'm trying to soak in every moment with you! you have become such an easy baby & we are so thankful for that. you are definitely the busiest baby i've ever seen but i'm ok with it b/c you sleep great! ha!

Happy 9 months precious girl. i love you completely.

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