Monday, October 18, 2010

Cedar HIll Farms

i know that i'm incredibly behind in my blog posting. but this is literally the busiest season of our lives & when i find that i finally have a little down time i just don't have the energy to blog! but, i'm trying to play catch up b/c i have much to post about. and that's why even though i just wrote this post, i dated it back to when we actually went to Cedar Hill Farms. i'm trying to do this in order! so, to all 3 of you that read my blog, i'm sorry!

on October 16 we went to Cedar Hill Farms in Hernando. its a family owned farm with over 120 acres. you can go to the petting zoo, eat at the restaurant, play on the playground, get your face painted, stop at the snack shack, take a hayride, pick pumpkins, go through the corn maze, ride the train & watch the pig races!!! whew. that's a lot!

we had so much fun. Jack really enjoyed the petting zoo, the train ride, hayride & picking pumpkins. and we just had fun watching him run, explore & play. we really needed that time as a family & i'm thankful for the days we spend together. making memories with my kids is my favorite thing to do these days!!

here are a few pics of our fun day:

petting the cow. he was so excited. and i was terrified. thank goodness that was a nice cow!

he LOVES trains. he kept saying "choo-choo!"

sweet girl waiting while brother rides the train

excited & a little nervous about the hayride!

the pumpkin patch.

he tried to pick up every single pumpkin but some were way too heavy & he just couldn't figure out why!

picking pumpkins with dada

showing me the pumpkin he picked. he was so proud!

Jovie loved her little pumpkin too, she found it all by herself!

but it had to pass her taste test. this girl licks, everything.

she was so excited that she decided to tackle the big pumpkins. i LOVE her little grin!

Jack loved these teeny pumpkins.

i love gourds but they look so weird. Jack wasn't too sure about them. ha!

showing me the little pumpkins. he pulled about 20 of them out & said "see". so cute.

more pumpkins!

i love this picture. she looks so sweet, and she's actually sitting still!

i made a mistake & waited until the end of the day to try & get a picture of them together. but they were way too tired & it was way past nap time! fail. oh well. they are still adorable!

we had such a fun day. we left with a few pumpkins & a lot of fun memories! so thankful for our day together!

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