Monday, October 25, 2010

Jack is 2!!!

my love, you are 2 years old today. i can hardly believe it. time is flying by way too fast. you are growing & changing each day. i love you more today that i ever have. you are an absolute blessing & such a joy to parent.

at age 2 you are such a mess! you are into everything. literally. i can not take my eyes off you for a moment or you will be plugging things into outlets, coloring on the walls, pulling all the ziploc bags out of the box, opening the fridge, going through the trash in the bathroom, throwing things in the toilet, pulling clothes out of drawers, unfolding my folded laundry, climbing on the kitchen or coffee table, touching the computer, calling someone on my phone, pulling every wipe out of the package or trying to wrestle Jovie Claire. whew. and that's just a small portion of what you can get into these days! you find something new everyday.

we are so proud of the things you are learning. you can point to many letters of the alphabet ( T, R, C, D, E, O, U, A, G, H) when prompted & you point them out whenever you see them somewhere. you can tell us how old you are when asked. its very cute! you have learned your shapes. you know circle, square, triangle & heart. lately, we have been working on colors. so far you recognize blue, purple & green. you can say many words now to let us know what you want: momma, dadda, sissy, no, please, help, cup, milk, bite {meaning you want to eat}, diaper, tee tee {you say this when one of us goes to the potty!} bathroom, potty, soap, hands, feet, car, seat, slide, Eli {your friend that lives in our apartments!}, Katie, Linny, Lolli, Mamie, Jenna, Tripp, Poppa, truck, car, fire truck, beep beep, hat, sock, shoe, book, plane, train, choo-choo, lovie, bathtub & water. and you are learning more words almost everyday!

you wear a size 6 shoe & a size 5 diaper. you are in 18 month clothing. you weigh 26 lbs & you are 35 inches long! Dr Bubba says you have grown a lot since your last check up! you are in the 25-50th % for everything. you are still a fantastic sleeper. Praise the Lord. you sleep 12 hours each night & take a 2-3 hour nap each day. i hope you keep that up for a long time!

you love to sing & talk all day long. you still love any kind of truck & car. you're very favorite is still the fire truck. you get so excited when we see one, your little face just lights up! you have recently gotten very interested in books. we read to you several times a day & you love to sit and look at the pictures. you try so hard to identify the things on each page & say the words. you get so interested when you see me reading my Bible but i don't think you like that it doesn't have pictures in it! ha! so, we read your little Bible together pretty often.

you have become a picky eater lately. you love any type of chicken. you would eat a peanut butter & honey sandwich every meal if we let you. you love pot roast & potatoes. you enjoy most fruits & pastas. but getting you to eat veggies is pretty difficult. you would eat them when you were younger but now, not so much! i have to hide them in things like ravioli or pasta sauce! you do great drinking milk for each meal & you love juice. you aren't really into mac n cheese or yogurt anymore, which is strange. you love cookies & sweets. we can thank your grandparents for that! ha!

sweet sweet Jack. you are my absolute favorite little boy. being your mother these past 2 years has been the most fun, exciting, precious, exhausting, trying, wonderful, funny time of my life. i can't remember much before you were born & i wouldn't trade taking care of you for anything in this world. i delight in watching you grown & learn. every night, your dad & i talk about how much we love you & how special you are to us. we praise the Lord for you each day. you have a tender sensitive heart & i love that about you. you are quick to listen, most of the time. you are testing the waters more & more but you respond well to discipline. you desperately want to please us & you run to us for affection all the time. you are the best big brother to Jovie. you are protective of her but you love to irritate her too! ha! you have such a special relationship with both me & dad. i enjoy our time together with all of my heart. i'm so very proud of you. i look forward to the years to come & all that the Lord is going to do in your life.

Happy 2nd birthday my boy. i love you with my whole heart.

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