Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire Truck Day!

our Jack LOVES fire trucks, cars & trucks. so, on October 2 we took Jack to see some real fire trucks. a local Ford dealership was hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness event. there were about 3 regular firetrucks and 2 pink firetrucks! there was even a helicopter & fire house dog! Jack loved getting to see everything. he wasn't interested in climbing inside the fire truck but he did want to stand on the front or the sides & touch all the buttons or try to turn the knobs. he was so excited as we watched the helicopter take off & he had to carry his little fire truck with him everywhere we went.

i'm so glad we got to take him to do this. it was so sweet to watch him get so excited about something. i sure do love that sweet boy.

here a few pics from our fun afternoon:

how cool is this huge metal ribbon?! Jack kept pointing to it and saying "see!" he wanted us to be sure we saw it too!

he loved standing on the front of the trucks. he did not want us to put him down!

sweet boy holding on to the fire truck. i think he said "friar tuck" 100 times that day!

we got to watch this helicopter take off, it was so cool. Jack kept saying "plane, plane!"

trying to turn the knobs on the truck. i think he touched every single one of them!

he looks so small on that huge truck.

i love him. he's just so sweet.

the pink fire truck! tons of people had signed them in honor of loved ones that lost their battle with breast cancer & to honor the firemen that risk their lives everyday! so neat!

my pink girl on the pink truck

smiley girl!

how cute is she?!!

our little family. i apologize for my crazy facial expression. i had no idea the guy was taking the picture yet!

Dora, the fire house dog. Jack loved her!

the vintage fire truck. this was definitely our favorite!

it was a huge truck with a really long ladder, which Jack loved!

touching the ladder, i think this was his favorite part of the day!

watching the fire truck leave. i love this picture. such a sweet photo of my boy & his love for fire trucks.

we had such a special day as a family. i cherish these moments so much. my children are such a blessing.

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