Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jovie is 8 Months!!!

ms. priss, you are 8 months old! craziness. time with you seems to go by so much quicker than it did with Jack. maybe b/c i have my hands full with 2 little squirts. or maybe its just b/c we are having so much fun!

you are the most adorable girl i've ever seen. you have a toothless grin & hair that is soft as feathers but super spikey on the top of your head! its an auburn color & we just love it. you have deep brown eyes & to die for leg rolls. (enjoy them while they are perfectly acceptable!) you have the sweetest little personality. you just love to give kisses to your dadda. you giggle at everything Jack does & you squirm to get to me every chance you get. there is no doubt that you are feisty & you pack a serious temper. but you only cry when you are hurt, hungry or tired. you have become the easiest baby & we are really noticing that you are pretty content. however, you are the most active 8 month old i've ever seen. honestly, you don't sit still unless you are sleeping or strapped in your car seat (which you hate!). you are a laid back eater. sometimes, you'll take 1 hour to drink a 6 oz bottle. you drink a little, play a little. we aren't used to this since your brother was such an aggressive eater! you love your bouncy seat & when you aren't in it, you want someone to hold you so you can bounce on their legs. you have also become very vocal. you squeal & "talk" all day long. no syllables yet, but i don't think it will be too long.

you are crawling & pulling up on everything. you've even started standing (completely unassisted) for about 5 seconds at a time. i think you will be walking before you are 1 year old. everything you touch goes into your mouth. everything. i vacuum & sweep pretty much everyday. you love bath time & playing outside. we have also noticed that you love music. if we put on Jack's bible songs cd when we are in the car, then you just talk & squeal & rarely fuss. but if we turn it off, the waterworks start right up! you have begun sitting in the high chair for snacks & finger foods, you look so big in that thing.

your first little accident was this past month. mommy, ACCIDENTALLY, (of course), shut your foot in the van door. it was the worst day ever. i was trying to hold on to Jack & i didn't realize your foot was in the path of the door. i was devastated. we rushed you to LeBonheur Minor Med & after a few x-rays we were very relieved to learn your sweet little foot wasn't broken. just very bruised & swollen. i've been giving you extra love, hugs & kisses. you are playing completely normally & you don't act like it bothers you at all! Praise the Lord.

you weigh 16.6 lbs. you are in a size 6 month clothing. you can wear a few shirts that are 9 months in size but overall, you are still very petite. you are in a size 1 shoe & a size 3 diaper. you don't love your bows & headbands but i'm trying to use them as much as i can before you get older & really fight them!

you are still an excellent little eater. you take 5 bottles a day with 6 oz each. you still eat baby food but you have tried a few table foods. you've had green beans, corn, apples & carrots. you've loved every single thing i've offered & i'm so thankful that for now, you aren't picky. you don't have any teeth yet but i think you are starting to cut 2 on the bottom. you are a wonderful sleeper. you take 2 naps a day (unless we are really busy) and they are about 1.5 - 2 hours each. you go to bed between 8-9 & you sleep until 8 the next morning. i'm so thankful for 2 kids that sleep so well!

you are so much fun. every night, dadda & i talk about how much we love you & Jack. we both agree that you have been the perfect addition to our family & we are so thankful that the Lord had the wisdom to send you to us when He did. you have such a loving personality & sweet spirit. there are days that you wear me out but i wouldn't trade my time with you for anything in this world. being your mommy has taught me so many wonderful things. you are truly an absolute blessing.

Happy 8 months, sassy. i love you so very much.

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