Friday, December 10, 2010

Potato Cheese Soup

potatoes have always been my favorite food. they are just yummy. i love them any way you can fix them. so, naturally i love some good potato soup. when i found this recipe, i was hooked. now let me warn you, this is NOT the healthiest recipe out there. i have really been trying to find & cook healthier things for my family. so, we don't eat this soup every week. but when we have a hankering for yummy potato soup, this is my go to recipe. it is soooo good. really hits the spot.


* 7-8 red potatoes. (original recipe calls for 10 but i thought it was too much once i tried it)

* 1 bar of Velveeta (32 oz). i use the kroger brand

* 1/2 cup butter

* 1/4 cup flour

* white pepper. (do NOT substitute with black pepper. trust me, the white pepper makes it!)

* garlic powder

* 1 quart half & half (i usually try to get the fat free or organic versions)

* 1 pint half & half


wash, peel & cut potatoes into chunks. you want all the chunks to be relatively the same size. boil them for 20 minutes, or until soft. you don't want them to be mushy but you definitely want them to be softened.

as the potatoes are boiling, place a pot on medium-low heat & melt the butter. when it is melted, add the flour, stirring together to create a rue. keep stirring so that it doesn't burn.

once the rue is made, SLOWLY add the half & half. pour a little in at a time, stirring constantly. i usually take about 20-25 minutes to add in ALL the half & half. this allows the liquid to thicken up.

as the potatoes are boiling & the rue is becoming a liquid, melt all of the velveeta bar in the microwave.

once the potatoes are done boiling, drain them. then combine the melted velveeta & potatoes with the liquid rue mixture. (if you are like me & you don't have very many pots & pans: once you drain the potatoes, pour the rue mixture into the pot you used to boil the potatoes. then put the potatoes back in the pot along with the velveeta.) allow the velveeta to melt into the soup. you can always add grated cheese if you feel like it needs more. but i've found that its plenty of cheese.

sprinkle the white pepper & garlic powder on top of the soup. i don't do exact measurements with these, but i do sprinkle them liberally, stir & then add more if needed. the white pepper is amazing in this soup. don't use black pepper.

and voila, you have a super yummy to the tummy potatoey cheesy soup!! trust me, it is delish. (if you allow the completed soup to sit on the stove top on low heat, it will thicken up even more, which is yummy) if the soup is too liquidy for you, stir in some flour until the clumps disappear & the soup thickens.

you can garnish it with real bacon & cheese. so yumm.

Happy Soup Season!

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