Friday, January 28, 2011

Flowers from Daddy

Jovie got a very special birthday gift. her daddy brought home a huge bouquet of flowers for her first birthday. he said that every little girl should get flowers from their daddy & he wanted to be the first man to ever give them to her. so sweet! she really did love them. she stood next to them & touched them for awhile. we put them up on the counter & she would frequently walk by them & point. Ben would pick her up & she would smile & touch them. so adorable.

i can't even describe how much it blessed my heart that he did this for our girl. what a sweet testimony of how much he loves her. Jovie is definitely blessed with the best daddy ever. i know she probably won't remember how he did this for her, but i will be there to tell her how her daddy loves her so much. Ben said he plans on getting her flowers every year, so excited to see how she responds the next time.

so thankful for my sweet, loving husband who loves our sweet baby girl so much. she & i are both so blessed to have him.


marion said...

This is so precious! I love that Ben did that. Your dad brought you girls flowers when you were little. I wish I had taken pics of that. You and Ben are wonderful, godly parents. We are so very proud of you! Love you heaps!!!

Brittany said...

sweet girl