Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jovie's 1st Birthday Party

yes, i know i'm incredibly late with this post. oh well, at least its done!

Jovie had a fabulous 1st birthday party!! i had visions of grandeur for her big event, but time got away from me. her birthday is just 4 short weeks after Christmas, our church plant launched 2 weeks before the party & both my kids were sick in that time period. really sick. so, i did the best i could with our budget & time frame. i'm pretty pleased with how everything went & came together.

for Jack's party, i did every single thing myself. food, decor, clothing, cake & planning. i did have some help from my sisters, which was great. but, i got so burned out. so, Ben insisted that i not do as much this go around. i did do a few things for her, but i also had a few things made/bought. and i'm so glad i did it that way. Jovie had NO clue about the decor, food, or clothing. but she did have fun, all the same. i think i will attempt to do more for her 2nd birthday, maybe she will be a little more aware of what's going on by then!

i did make her a birthday banner, cupcake stand & cupcakes. i had my friend, Katherine, make her a shirt and i bought her skirt & leg warmers. the theme for her party was "cupcake" so i bought her a huge GiGi's cupcake instead of making her one. i'm so glad i did that! for the food, we ordered pizzas & did chips/dip and snacks to go with it.

we just invited our families, church staff & 2 close friends. and it ended up being the perfect amount of people. Jovie got TONS of presents, and we all had a great time visiting. we are so thankful for so many friends & family that love our little girl so much. she is blessed!

here are some pics from our fun day:

my seester, Katie, made this amazing invites. i just told her the theme & colors & she did it all herself. she's uber talented. if you need some invites, blog header or anything of the such, go to her blog & ask her for some help. you won't regret it!

Jovie's GiGi cupcake.

i think it was plenty big enough. what do you think?!

the cupcakes & cupcake stand i made for the partay

my sweet MIL bought these for Jovie Claire

i had fun making her birthday banner!

my sweet 1 year old girl.

i do NOT want her to grow up anymore.

my seester, Lindsay, made the cupcake toppers.

don't they look so cute?!

me and my girl, take 1.

and take 2. best i can do with a BUSY 1 year old!

we LOVE having a girl!

time to eat cake. and she did not love the candle, or the singing.

checking out the goods

she went for it pretty quickly. she is not shy. unlike my sweet boy.

i'm pretty sure it was love at first bite

she made a pretty good dent in that icing mountain

oh yeah, that's how we do it!

Jack just loves our friend, Olivia!

and so does Jovie! they play so sweet together.

Jovie got TONS of gifts. she is blessed with sweet friends & family!

everyone watching her open gifts

opening her first Dora doll. and she loves it!

she got some blocks & a cute new bow!

i'm sure i have a few more pictures, but i think this is plenty for now!

i think Jovie really had a fun time, even if she didn't realize it was her 1st birthday. we had a blast visiting with friends & family. we are so thankful for everyone that came. Jovie is so blessed to be loved by so many sweet people.

Happy Birthday to our precious girl!

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Shannon said...

So cute Audrey! You did a great job.