Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jovie!

sassy girl. you are 12 months old today. what a blessing to have known & loved you this past year. i can say with all honesty that this year of your life has been my most challenging, fruitful year of my life. your acid reflux gave us all a rough time but you have come through that & we are so thankful for what we learned. you have been an absolute joy. watching you grow has been so much fun & we look forward to your 2nd year!

at 12 months you are:

* weigh 21lbs 10 oz.
* around 29 inches long
* in a size 4 diaper, size 3/4 shoe, size 12 months clothing
* taking about 2 full bottles per day. you have started drinking more whole milk & you really seem to like it
* a GREAT eater! your faves are still green beans & oranges. but you also like ravioli, carrots, peas, oatmeal, yogurt, spaghetti, bread, bananas, chicken & cheerios.
* cutting 2 teeth. which will give you a total of 4.

we have noticed that you LOVE to walk around the house carrying something or wearing something, other than your play clothes. you love purses, shoes, scarves, gloves, socks, blankets, baby dolls & pacis. i think your favorite thing to do is play cars with brother. if he is interested in trucks, you are interested. i love that you want to play with him all the time! you still follow him around the house & giggle at everything he does! you tattle on him by grunting or fussing if he does something you don't like! you have no problem with stealing his food or cups. you help yourself to whatever you can find!

you are into everything. we can't leave doors or cabinets open around the house b/c you will get into whatever is within your reach. you definitely keep me on my toes. you have a natural curiosity about how things work or plug in to the wall. yikes!!! you can make a mess in about 10 seconds!

you are definitely a momma's girl. i think pretty much everyone has noticed it! and i must say, i love it. but, you have also really taken to dada lately. you cry when he leaves, reach for him when he gets home & give him your most slobbery sweet kisses. i love the special relationship you have with him.

Jovie. you have given us 1 year of pure joy. you are tons of fun, so sweet, quirky, silly, feisty, stubborn and sensitive. each day with you is such a blessing. you make me want to have a house full of little girls. we are loving every minute of raising you. i am praying that i am the mother you need me to be, in each phase of your life. our prayers for you are that you grow up to serve the Lord & tell others of Him.

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet angel. i love you so very much.

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