Friday, January 14, 2011

Look Alikes?!

i've decided i'm going to do more 'look alike' photo posts of my kids. i just think it is so fun to see how different & similar they become as they grow up. plus, its so fun for me to look back! just looking at these pictures blesses my heart & definitely makes me want to have more babies! ha! eventually.

here is Jack & Jovie at 11 months. they are pretty adorable, if i say so myself!

how cute is he?! i miss him being that little!

cutest girlie, ever. i don't want her to grow up!

i actually see more similarities than differences in these pictures. their hair color, smiles & face shape look alike to me!

love my kiddos. to pieces.

1 comment:

Ashley Fisher :) said...

A and A have that shirt too! Wish we could get them together!!

I see similarities and differences too!