Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lose It!

one of my New Year's Resolutions is to get healthier. all the way around. part of that for me, is eating better, feeling better about my body, losing some weight & exercising. i'm determined. i'm not being silly & thinking i can drop 50lbs by May but i'm setting realistic healthy goals for myself & if (and when) i achieve them, i'll set a new goal. and i'll keep going until i feel like i'm at a healthy weight & size.

my sister, Katie, suggested i get the Lose It app for my iphone. i got it last night & i've really enjoyed it, so far. it is so helpful in counting calories & keeping up with what you've eaten. you can also use the Lose it website, if you don't have the iphone. it does all the same stuff.

basically, you enter your current weight and then the weight you would like to be. you also enter your gender, birthday & height. then it gives you the option of losing a certain amount each week. the options are:
.5 lbs
1 lb

after you pick one, it gives you the amount of calories you can have each day in order to reach your goal. for example, i want to lose 30 lbs. (to start out, once i reach this, i'll set a new goal).
so i chose to aim for 1.5lbs per week. the Lose It app told me that i can have 1,996 calories per day & i should be able to reach my goal by June 8, 2011. not too shabby!

you can enter the foods you eat by calorie, or search for foods in the database of the app. it records your daily calorie intake. then, if you work out, you enter the amount of calories you burned & it will add these calories to your total, allowing you to eat more. for example if you have 400 calories left for the day but you worked out & burned 250 calories, you now have 650 calories left to consume for the day. you can use this to break even with your goal, or beat it for each day! if you don't know how many calories you burned, you can look it up on the app. i love this option b/c if i go out to eat, i can enter in my amount of calories & still keep up with it. i think this will really come in handy for me! once i get to my goal weight, i won't freak out as much over calorie intake b/c i'll have a better idea of what & how much i can eat. which is really my goal.

i've also started working out on our Wii Fit. and i really like it! i highly recommend it to someone who can't leave their house, everyday, to work out. i needed something i could do within the comfort, convenience & privacy of my own home. i plan on getting the Zumba game this week & i'm excited to start that too!

i know that i'll never be a size 4 & i'll always struggle with my weight. i've come to terms with that. its really hard, but its just the way it is, for me. but i can be healthier & feel better about my body. i want to be in a healthier place when i get pregnant with baby #3. i'm tired of being embarrassed by the way i look, so i'm working hard to do something about it!

here are a few pics of how the app works, (the website is the same way). i found these pics using google.

if you are like me & you need a motivator or some accountability then i would say to get this app.
you can do it!!!!

i'm going to weigh myself every Tuesday morning to see my progress from the previous week! i'm not brave enough to post my weight on here right now but i'll post about my week & how much i've lost total! i'm excited!

here's to feeling better & being healthier!!!


Katie Kubler said...

1. you are beautiful and I admire everything about you

2. Im gunna break out Jillian Michaels on you and say that you can be whatever size you wish. Even a 4. People on Biggest loser are WWWWAAAYYY way way way bigger than you are and they can get down to it... so can YOU:) but really you just need to get to a size you feel healthier at.

3. So glad you like the app. I think it does a better job of telling you how many calories you can eat but the myfitnesspal app has a bigger database of food. so i use both

4. Try the hula hoop game on Wii. its my favorite:) warning. your abs will kill the next day!

5. Im here when you need me. always. So proud of you audrey!

Megan Strange said...

Way to go Audrey! I'm super proud of you...sounds like you are off to an awesome start. I'll be praying for you!

Anna Pearson said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to check it out after Graham is born. I'm determined to NOT take forever to loose the baby weight like I did with Molly. Aparently a zumba class is in the works for a weekenight @ Kirby. If there is enough interest, they will offer it and childcare for a minimal fee. I'll let you know if they end up starting it back up. Zumba is my favorite workout. It's fun and easy to modify.

Way to go for setting an obtainable goal! Sounds like you are off to a great start.

Jessica Kenney said...

I am very proud of you!! That is an awesome app and if I can ever get an iphone I will get it. You are doing awesome and can do whatever you set your mind to.

I just got the book, Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure and its about weight and self confidence and alot of other things. You can borrow it when I am done if you want.

I really really want to get together so send me some dates you can. Love you girl. Praying for you through this journey.

Brittany said...

i used that app pregnancy & love it!
i've gotta get on the ball & lose some weight too, its so hard especially nursing. until the weather is better i'm gonna have to exercise indoors. we need to help motivate each other. overall i'd like to lose 50 lbs but my very short term goal is to lose 5 lbs before returning to worlk in 3 weeks.

Ben and Audrey said...

thank you everyone! y'all are sweet & such an encouragement to me!!

just so you know. you can use the website even if you don't have the iphone. its great. at the end of today, i have over 500 calories left & i'm not even hungry. but i may just treat myself to a frozen lemonade (100 calories) just because i can! ha!

i love the hula hoop game too. so fun. but it killed my arms!

Anna. i really want to hear about the Zumba class! i'll definitely come!

Jess. lets definitely get together!! very very very soon!!! i miss spending time with you!

Britt. i know you can drop 5lbs. but be careful, you are nursing! i think you look great!! i don't see any baby weight on you!

just the two of us! said...

first of all, i'm with katie. i'm so proud of you audrey and you're such a great example to your younger sisters.

secondly, remember that calories are your friends.. you just have to pick them wisely! it's when you eat more calories than you burn that you gain weight.

this is the math for weight loss:
your present weight x 7= your daily calorie needs for weight loss! i read this in the biggest loser cookbook.

katie recommended the biggest loser cookbooks and i love them. they tell you how many calories each recipe is and the recipes are great! you should invest in a few of their cookbooks!

Anna Pearson said...

apparently the Zumba class is going to start either March 1 or 3. They have started sign-ups at the registration desk at Kirby. They asked for people to pick which night would work best and if they would rather a 6-7:30 time or a 6:30 to 8:00 time. I won't be going back to church for a while with the baby, but you may want to get your in-laws to put your name on the list. I won't start until the middle of March, but if I hear more details I'll let you know.