Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

i read on someone's blog that tomorrow is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. and i immediately thanked the Lord for my children. and it broke my heart for the millions of babies whose lives have been brutally ended b/c of the wicked, satanic action of abortion. i could go on for days and days about abortion & my HATRED for it. but, i won't. we all know its a sin against God. and its disgusting, infuriating, selfish, unnecessary & wickedly violent. but, i'll stop there.

i've always known that all human life is sacred, precious & important in the eyes of God. but now that i'm a mother, i truly understand that in such a different capacity. my children are a blessing. and i do NOT take my role as their mother lightly. it is my greatest responsibility (outside of living for Jesus & loving my husband). i believe in my heart that God has a plan for their little lives. He created them for a purpose. He has things that He wants them to do & its our job as their parents to teach them how to love Jesus & to serve Him faithfully.

i do not believe in accidents when it comes to the Lord. a human life may be created out of a terrible or sinful action or situation, but it is still a human life. knitted and formed by God and valuable in His sight. whether the baby is handicapped or diseased, the Lord created him/her for a reason. and its up to Him alone how long each heart should beat. i know there are crazy medical conditions & hard times where people must make hard decisions. but He alone is the giver & taker of life.

praying that we, as a nation, stomp out abortion. and that every life is considered as precious to us as it is to Him.

thank the Lord for your children. pray for those that are desperately trying & pleading with Him to bless them with a child. pray that His hand of protection will be on the unborn.

"I will give thanks to You, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made;
wonderful are Your works
and my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from you,
when i was made in secret,
and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth;
your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
and in Your book were all written
the days that were ordained before me
when as yet there was not one of them."
Psalm 139: 14-16


just the two of us! said...

this post made me cry. Thank you for reminding me of this important day. I don't have children, but I seriously love your two little ones as if they were my own. I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed you and Ben with Jack and Jovie and I'm so thankful to be their aunt!

Ben and Audrey said...

love you. and love that you love my kids. can't wait to love yours, one day!