Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jack @ 28 Months

i stopped doing month to month posts for Jack when he hit 2 years old. but i still want to do random updates so i can remember all the sweet & funny things he is doing at age 2! warning: this post is long b/c i haven't updated about him in awhile!


you are the sweetest little 2 year old. you are so very loving with all of us. but, you have definitely hit the "terrible twos" i would not say that you are a terrible 2 year old. but i would say you have some fits that can be labeled as terrible! ha!

you have definitely asserted more independence. you want to feed yourself, bathe yourself, fix your toys, fix your bed, put on your shoes & help with Jovie. you don't like when something doesn't go quite your way & you let out a loud "uhhh" or grunt noise. you ask for things repeatedly, until we acknowledge that we hear you. you call my name 50,000 times per day. and you have learned to call me from your bed when you want to get up. but i must say, i love hearing you say "momma" or as you pronounce it "nunna". i have always dreamed of hearing my children call me momma, and so i don't mind listening to it so much! you love to jump, run, climb & crawl all over everything. you are 100% boy. and we love that!

we are working hard on your speech. and you are doing a great job. i honestly don't stress out about how you pronounce words or the fact that you substitute syllables for certain words. i know you will get it, in your time. but we do try and teach you new words so that we can better communicate with you. here is a list of words you can say right now:

momma, dada, sissy, car, truck, cup, spoon, juice, milk, bath tub, turn, sit, seat, chair, no, yes, bed, night night, lovie, ouch, hurt, hand, foot, eyes, hair, mouth, head, cheek, red, purple, green, blue, yellow, please, love you, help, ball, dump truck, fire truck, woody, buzz, baby, pig, horsey, dog, cat, bus, jenna, mamie, granddad, poppa, tripp, lolli, katie, josh, reid, hayden, church, hot dog, ipad, phone, shirt, pants, shoes, socks, soap, water, snack, lunch, cheese, eggs, pancakes, bacon, cereal bar, vacuum. i know there are several more but these seem to be the ones you say the most.

you haven't put very many sentences together but you try so hard. for example, you say: "momma's hair" or "sissy's buzz" or "where's dada" or "jack take woody". we are helping you and you are learning so much. you do very well at repeating words we say. you mix up your d & b sounds. for example, you call buzz lightyear, duzz. you do the same thing with the m & n sound. you call me nunna instead of momma. and for the word helicopter, bicycle or peanut butter, you say the syllables. but we are so proud of your determination. you work so hard to tell us what you want or need & we have figured out your little language pretty well.

we have recently started working on counting. you can count to 3 by yourself. and you can count to 10, if you are repeating us as we count. you love it when we praise you for your efforts. we have noticed that you very much want to please us. you are great with colors, for the most part. and you know many letters of the alphabet. we are working on the more difficult letters like: z, x, y, w, q. but you are doing pretty well.

you are a very smart boy. even if you can't fully communicate what you are thinking, you can always show us, or do it yourself. you have learned how to work the dishwasher, turn the faucet from hot to cold, turn on & work the vacuum, use the tv remote, use the ipad & iphone, open the computers, turn on lamps & fans, and put up dishes. you like to help out around the house, a lot. you love to help fold clothes, unload & reload the dishwasher, clean up a room, dust, vacuum, brush your teeth, change Jovie's diaper, get me socks & shoes, find diapers & wipes & brush your hair. you have even started attempting putting a bow in Jovie's hair, which we think is so funny!

your personality is adorable. i would describe you as: determined, easily frustrated, a little obsessive, loving, quick to apologize, tender hearted, silly, curious, stubborn, talkative, playful & friendly. you respond so well to discipline, most of the time. you have learned to say "sorry" when you have done something wrong and you follow that with a kiss and a hug. you hate feeling embarrassed or being scolded in public. you have become clingy to me in social settings & when you notice that Jovie is also being clingy!

you love Jovie. dada & i are SO thankful that the two of you are so close in age. you are best friends. you are constantly competing with each other & you do fight. but, you are always looking for her, trying to impress her, make her laugh or sticking by her. you are concerned for her & you hate when she is really upset. you can't wait for her to get up from her naps & you kiss her goodnight before bed. you adore her. and she adores you. seeing the 2 of you play together just blesses my heart. you are a wonderful big brother and such a blessing for Jovie.

you have recently taken special interest in certain toys. you still love cars & trucks. but you have discovered Toy Story & you are hooked. borderline obsessed. you have a woody doll & a buzz light year. you notice them in stores & toy aisles. you ask to watch the movie, all the time. you get so excited when we turn it on in the house or the car. you & Jovie are ALWAYS fighting over the woody doll. you come to me & say "jack's turn?!" it has been difficult for you to learn to share, but you are getting a little better. we love seeing you love something & take interest in it!

you are a picky little eater. especially at dinner. you eat a great breakfast & lunch. but at dinner, we have to force you take eat 1/2 your food. its like you refuse to even try it. so funny, but are determined to win! ha! we have started saying things like "take 4 more bites & you can be done" and that system seems to work pretty well now. your favorite foods are: cereal bars, waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, chips, hot dog, mandarin oranges, strawberries, grapes, apples, peanut butter, chicken nuggets & pasta. getting you to eat vegetables is really difficult. most of the time, we have to hide them in your food. and you have become picky about textures of foods.

sweet Jack. you are such a joy. i love putting you in bed each night & praying over you. i can't believe how much & how quickly you are growing. each day with you is hilarious & busy. my favorite time of day is night time with you. after Jovie goes to bed, we snuggle on the couch, under the blankets, play with your toys or talk. you are so affectionate. you have learned to give kisses and make the "muah" sound when you do. i have never regretted being a stay at home mom for you & Jovie. i can't believe that every day i get to be home with you, taking care of you, loving on you & playing with you. i feel so honored to have the responsibility of teaching you, molding your little mind, showing you how to behave & loving on you. i pray, every day, that you will be a man after God's own heart. that you will be a servant for His kingdom, that you will be a patient, gentle godly man. and until then, i pray that i will be the godly momma that you need.

happy 28 months to my precious boy. you are a blessing and i love you so much.

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