Friday, February 25, 2011

Jovie @ 13 Months

my sweet girl. you are 13 months old today! you have officially graduated from infant to toddler. gracious. not sure if i was ready for that!

you weigh around 23 lbs. you wear a size 4 diaper. you are in 12 month clothing, some things you wear are 12-18 months. you are in a size 3 or 4 shoe. you have a ton of hair & really cute chunky legs! you are such a cute little girl.

at 13 months of age, here are a few little fun facts about you:

1. you are SO very busy. everyone comments on how busy you are all the time!
2. you are a GREAT eater. i honestly can't think of one food that you don't like! ha! you clean your plate & ask for more at most meals! i love this about you.
3. your very favorite food ever is green beans. you would eat cups and cups of them if we let you.
4. your favorite fruit is oranges. you almost love them as much as you love green beans.
5. you prefer milk to juice, every time.
6. you have gone from walking to running through the house. your little stumpy legs go as fast as they can & you grunt or giggle each step of the way!
7. you have learned how to throw fits. you hang your head & throw your body to the ground, flailing it about. its really hysterical. of course, we discipline you but we secretly turn our heads & laugh at the same time!
8. you are dramatic. really dramatic.
9. you love Jack. you love the toys he loves. you copy his actions & follow him through the house.
10. you think dada is hilarious. he can get you to laugh at anything he does.
11. you are a momma's girl. through and through. it is so obvious to everyone. and i love it.
12. you can say: dada, momma & uh-oh. you say them pretty clear & on command.
13. you take 2 naps a day and sleep around 12 hours at night.
14. you love the car seat, as long as we are playing Toy Story on the dvd player
15. you love Toy Story. you and Jack are mesmerized by it.
16. we got Jack a Woody doll, b/c he loves Toy Story. well, it has become a source of competition in our home. y'all fight over it all day long! you love it b/c he loves it.

Jovie. you are such a joy. i always talk about how you make me want to have more little girls. you are loving, affectionate & silly. you have a sensitive spirit but you can definitely hold your own. you have brought so much laughter into our home. i absolutely love being your momma. taking care of you is such a blessing, never a burden. i pray, each day, that you will grow into a woman that fears God, loves people & serves Jesus.

happy 13 months, my sweet love. i love you so much.

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